Wednesday, May 14, 2008

You Know, Just One Of Those Days!

Today felt fun and a bit crazy, with bits of relaxation mixed in. This morning I slept in a bit, then got ready for my soccer practice. I was pretty excited since J got me some killer shin guards, and last night I got some soccer socks and shorts, AND J was hangin' w/L at home so I was on my own!
I packed my bag and ran out the door, only to realize that my sign-up $ was sittin' on the counter, so went back to get it. I wasn't too late when I got to the soccer place, but as I was walking across the parking lot I realized that I didn't have my shoes, just my flip-flops! Oops...If I only had a...
So I ran to base and got some shoes on clearance and made it back with 20 minutes of practice w/the ladies. But my friend G was late too, so we stayed extra and practiced together. Boy was I dying by the time I was done! (But I felt pretty good afterwards!)
*our indoor field!*

After practice I went back to base and returned my or sneaky and wrong I know, but I have perfectly good ones sittin' at home! I took my time and bought some seeds before heading home.
Once home L and I planted a ton of plants outside while J was working on the back yard with the rototiller and planting grass seed. It was sunny and warm, a perfect time to get dirty fingernails and jam out to my new Ipod!
I even remembered that R had baseball tonight (I forgot last week!). So made an early dinner and went to R's game, he did pretty good, he is one good hitter!

Now I'm a bit sleepy, sore, but feeling good. My sweet heart is making a Walmart run while the boys are getting ready for bed. I've got a good book waiting for me and no homework due! J even said that he'll take L again tomorrow while I go workout and maybe go visit a tanning bed!
What a good day-even when I had my mind lapses!

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Thomas Family said...

Sounds like a crazy day! I was going to do the indoor soccer thing too, but then started getting the morning sickness thing. I didn't want to risk puking all over my opponents....though that would be a pretty good tactic!