Friday, May 16, 2008

Friday Favorites!

1. Let the Growing Begin -
J spread grass sead in the back, we finished the garden boxes and yesterday filled them with tomato starters, corn, beans, peas, pumpkin, cute-cumbers, carrots, and peppers! I filled my flower bed w/flowers, and J made me another planter box for my strawberries. I LOVE all this planting, now as J said yesterday, "Let the growing begin!"

2. Pushing it - Wed. I had a soccer practice and really tried to push myself, my legs were sore and I was feeling slow! So yesterday J stayed home with L and I went off to the gym. I jogged for 24 minutes (total of 2miles) since that is the game times, then I speed walk-jog-speed walk-run,and repeated this over and over until I made it to 5 miles! Boy was I a bit sweaty, but felt so good, I have never gone that far and ran/jogged that much on a treadmill!

3. That Crafty Man - J is just awesome! I love it when he builds stuff around the house, he made those killer planters, he has made me book shelves, tiling our bathroom, made me some awesome cedar benches,a fence for the backyard, a deck, and yesterday made this way cool gardening table from some trees he cut down on our property, it rocks!

4. My Dogs -
I just love those "puppies"! They have been so good lately. Usually when they get out of the back yard they are off and running and just won't stay around. Well, I guess we have all become more interesting since when they get out they'll stay home with us and not run off on some adventure. I mean, Most of the time they stay home, but when a dirt bike or a 4-wheeler is going down a road near us they are off to run with it! (But who can blame them?!)

5. Ravioli's - J came home with some frozen ravioli's. Uh, can you say YUM?! Life just gets busy and those things cook up are are ready within 10 minutes and they are tasty!


EstesSBTAK said...

Your garden and everything looks so awesome. Way to go J! More posts on soccer.. I can't wait to hear how it all goes. When is game time?

Paije said...

I love your garden boxes and that cool table! I am so impressed! I was pretty sore after playing soccer with you guys the other could be interesting! :) Paije