Saturday, May 17, 2008

Movies & Beads!

My friend MW and her 3 girls came over last night so we could make beads for YW Girls Camp, I have tons that need to be done, all the ones for our girls (about 20) and beads for all of camp (about 160). We toiled away for hours and got a few of the beads on the list all done! J decided to take the boys to see the new Narnia movie while I did this. At the last moment L wanted to stay home and play with, as he says her name, Airninana. So off went R and J they said it was one awesome movie! R was pretty happy to see it, he has been reading the Narnia books and was super excited that Prince Caspian is out. And it made it all better to go see it with just Dad and get to eat popcorn, candy, and soda!

L and A are are such funny kids. They used to hate each other when us moms would work out at each others houses, sometimes they would think the other was OK. Finally a big turn happened and they would start to play right away with each other instead of eyeing each other from across the room.
Well, it still surprised MW and I that L wanted to stay home instead of go to the theatres with his Dad. As the night progressed we saw L become a huge ham for A, all he tried to do was to make her laugh and want her attention, he was such a show off, it was so funny! So this song popped in my head, it fits L perfectly!

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