Sunday, September 30, 2007

Best Decision

9 years ago J and I got married on Aug. 1st, 1998. 8 years ago we were sealed together for eternity in the Manti Utah Temple on Oct. 1st, 1999. This has been the best decision I have ever made. I am forever grateful to a loving Heavenly Father that has blessed me with my husband and 2 wonderful boys, and even MORE grateful that he has made it so we can be a family that can be together forever. We have truly been blessed.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Red Neck in WA

L is too big for strollers, and too small to keep up on a bike or walking fast enough to keep up on my walks, so he gets to ride in the wagon. Buddy is too big and has too much energy for me to ever wear him out on a walk. So we got him a harness and attached him to the wagon, he does all the pulling for me, and gets worn out in the process! Buddy is spoiled, when we turn around he won't go again until I give him some water in a bowl (on the side of the road) and he won't pull the wagon on the dirt part of the road by our house (I guess he's too good for that!) L is spoiled too, he gets to play with R's DS, and he has a pillow to sit on! We get a lot of smiles and waves on our walks.

Here is a pic of L riding along, he got a bit tired at the end, and here is our "Red neck horse and carriage".

2 1st's for R

I finally got my film developed, so here is a pic of R on his 1st day of 3rd grade, he is loving school! And here he is, my 1st Cub Scout. He is totally loving scouts! I just think he looks so super handsome, he should be on the cover of a magazine (don't blame me, I'm a hopeless Mom!)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our R

Our R

Our R is 8 years old, and the coolest kid around!
His Likes:
The color green
Corn, and anything with sugar! Helping cook in the kitchen,
Reading, science, math, recess and lunch,
Climbing the big tree
Riding his bike, swimming, hiking
Playing with cousins and best friends
Going to school, and primary
Getting older!
Games on his DS, and X-box
His "imagination"!
Field trips
Going bowling and to the movies.

His Dislikes:
Too much joking around from Mom!
Nasty food
Going to bed
and when the fun stops!

We just LOVE our R, and he makes life the best!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our L

Our wonderful L

L is the funnest 4 year old ever!

His Likes:
Games, games and more games (Nintendo, X-box, or DS) likes them more than YV
Water, the beach, sprinkler, pool, bathtime
Books, coloring, drawing, painting, play-doh
The color Red
Anything with sugar!
Climbing trees, digging, hiking in the woods, getting as dirty as possible
Helping Dad with anything!
Keeping up with the big boys
Chewbaca the Wookie
Toys, toys and more toys!
Music-all kinds
The zoo
Eating out and going to the movies
Buddy the giant dog in the back yard
His dislikes are:
Any kisses, all kisses are unathorized!
Hugs from little girls
Any girl that isn't a baby
The color Pink
Primary (but will still go!)
When the fun stops!

We just love our L!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Turn it up!

R and L love music, but are both very picky! They don't always like the same thing either. As I have been creating a play list for the blog, and for when I'm doing homework I have been getting some feedback from the boys.
L absolutely LOVES "Wonderboy" and R loves "Me and My Gang". So far everyday they have made me play these songs for them. (along with, "Turn it way up Mom!")
If L is ever grumpy or sad all we have to do is belt out "Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power? Wonderboy, won't you please take me away from this mucky mucky world!" And he cheers right up
L also really likes the Elvis remix, and R likes Smallvilles Save Me. I just love it when they sing along!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If I only had a...

There are times, I think, I have a mind that has a mind of its own! I woke yesterday, a completely normal day. Didn't have to watch the neighbor kids, no having to rush around. What a nice morning. Some guys came over and washed the house (they are painting it today, light brown on dark brown) and L and I hung out. I learned how to put the music on my blog, so fun! Then went to the dentist for my cleaning. The whole a.m. I knew that it was Tue. and that means homework for both classes, church by 5:30pm for aerobics, then scouts at 6:30 and I had a YW meeting at 8pm. Had a lovely relaxing day with L. I don't think my mind wanted it to end, so it rebelled and conveniently forgot all my responsibilities. I wasn't at all pleased with its attitude!

Now I blame R for having to start 3rd grade. Now he has his own schedule that I have to work around. After picking him up at the bus stop we came home, cleaned out the kid pool, had a snack, and hung out. I leisurely started my homework and J got home. What a nice day...
Then the ladies call me. I knew instantly I was in trouble when I saw the caller ID. It was almost 6pm! So I left the boys w/ J and ran to the church. I told J I would be home in just over an hour.
I was tongue tied and flustered, but managed to work them extra, either they will still hate me this morning, or be glad they got to know muscles they thought didn't exist! After our sweat fest I realized that I had my meeting (I had forgotten all about it!). So stayed for that, feeling so gross and sweaty! All the other leaders nice and dry, no BO, no pit stains, no red face and stringy hair! (they were nice, I only got teased a bit) Anyway, didn't get home til 9:30 after telling J I would be home just after 7. Oops... Then I had to finish my homework, finally hop in the shower and drift of to sleep just after 11pm.
Where was my nice family dinner, the get my homework in and veg out with J on the tv? it was nowhere! My alter-ego mind wanted that and tried to get it! But to no avail.
I'm hoping the next time my mind takes a minute to itself it will remember me!

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Books

My new favorite,
One down, 2 to go!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Life Rocks

This week:
I started watching my neighbors kids for a little extra $, she has 2 twin girls almost 3, and a 5 yr boy. It has been good, and challenging, R and L are really enjoying it, J and I are looking forward the the extra spending money!
J's schedule has been all out of whack with work, constantly changing daily, but we have had some nice unexpected days to hang out, so that is awesome.

R got to take b-day cookies to school on friday, always so excited to bring goodies to school to celebrate himself!
Today was his 8th birthday!!! I'm a little worried that life is going way to fast for me to keep up. Where did my little boy go? Here is this wonderful, responsible kid that makes me laugh every day, who I marvel at and am so greatful to be his Mom,! How can he all of a sudden not be my baby that needs me all the time? Why does life do that I wonder...

I was going to try my hardest to make him the coolest homemade pokemon cake ever seen. Then he let me off the hook when he saw a pic. of a chocolate chip cheesecake and decided that was what he wanted for his b-day cake! Homemade of course, so thats what I made him, we LOVE cheesecake! I made some choc cupcakes for the kids that don't like the delectable peice of heaven in my spring form pan...
This morning he told me, I fell asleep 7 and woke up 8! He loves the DS games he got the best, and other gifts, but he also likes the baptism theme presents as well--new church clothes, learn to play hymn book, Gospel Standards poster, and a green scripture bag.

I panicked a bit over this weeks school work, but got it all done and turned in with just 30min to spare, that was close! I got hopelessly addicted to some new books. I read the 1st one in 10hours! I loved it! Told J that it was my new fave. Then when he got home that night he had the 2nd in his hands for me! I've made myself slow down for the 2nd one, savor the flavor I guess to last me until I get book 3

My digital camera broke, so am relying on my film camera, now have a little baggie accumulating film, need to just develop it someday so I can post some pics!

L is learning how to deal with conflict. I tell him if someone does something you don't like, say, Stop!!! Then later I heard him tell a boy that would pick on him sometimes, " I won't love you if your mean to me, so you better be good!" It was so funny, then I had to clarify a few things to L about dealing with others, and still loving others, what a cutie!

Life...Rocks, that's how I'm feeling right now.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Food for Thought

L was eating some sausage with breakfast today and he says, Mom, can you eat grasshopper? I said, what?! and then No!

Then he says, there is a grasshopper leg in my food.

I'm thinking, what?!

He then hands me this little piece of seasoning that was in the sausage, and I have to admit, if I didn't know what seasonings looked like, I'd thought it was grasshopper too.

The 10th Kingdom Video Clips

This has some scenes from my favorite movie ever!

Check out my Slide Show!


Yesterday the boys' highlights were all getting new games. We traded in old games for new ones, R- 2 DS games, L-2 gameboy games, J- 1 x-box game. After we got home they literally scattered, so I, a Mom, got to take the coveted nap!!! Popped in my fave girly-movie (The 10th Kingdom) and slept peacefully for hours! I was almost dazed upon waking, this doesn't happen often, and all the "boys" loved being able to just play for as long as they wanted. R was extra excited because this was his early b-day present from J, he got to get the "amazing Pokemon Diamond" game that is out now, I got him The Big Brain Academy game, which he didn't touch until I made him. Now he loves trying to make his "brain bigger". L is dreaming for the day he too can have a DS, but was pretty happy to get games for his GBA, and there are times R lets him have a taste of the glory.