Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Yesterday the boys' highlights were all getting new games. We traded in old games for new ones, R- 2 DS games, L-2 gameboy games, J- 1 x-box game. After we got home they literally scattered, so I, a Mom, got to take the coveted nap!!! Popped in my fave girly-movie (The 10th Kingdom) and slept peacefully for hours! I was almost dazed upon waking, this doesn't happen often, and all the "boys" loved being able to just play for as long as they wanted. R was extra excited because this was his early b-day present from J, he got to get the "amazing Pokemon Diamond" game that is out now, I got him The Big Brain Academy game, which he didn't touch until I made him. Now he loves trying to make his "brain bigger". L is dreaming for the day he too can have a DS, but was pretty happy to get games for his GBA, and there are times R lets him have a taste of the glory.

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