Monday, December 24, 2007

Getting Ready...

R, L, and I were deciding what to leave out for Santa and his reindeer today.

R-We should set out cookies, he is Santa after all.
Me-Your right! And what else
R-Carrots for the reindeer
L-No, meatloaf for the reindeer!
Me-I don't think reindeer like that, its cow meat after all
R-Yeah L, and reindeer are practically related to cows!

So Santa gets cookies, and reindeer get carrots, no meatloaf on the menu tonight!

Fun Weekend!

It was a Wonderful Weekend!!! The boys and I got to go to S&M's house, we got to watch D and B at wrestling practice Friday night. Then on Saturday we went to a 9 1/2 hour wrestling match...It was AMAZING! Those boys are so awesome! There was around 500 kids wrestling there, it is so intense and fun and crazy loud! M and I had sore bums, but all 5 kids had so much fun and were so good.
B a.k.a "B. Ferocious" and D a.k.a "D. Animal" are just so good at their new sport, I was one proud auntie! Good job fellas!
Then J came home from his short deployment and met us at S&M's house. (He got there after we all had a huge dinner at the new Mexican restaurant...YUM!) We all stayed up way too late just kickin' it.
Sunday I wrote my 2 essays (not very well, but they were turned in on time) and we got to go play at J's sister's, A&A with J, B, and C the cousins. Yummy dinner, toys, and video games, then lots of yummy snack foods and a candy cane activity.
I love weekends like this!
(My camera was out of batteries so no pics, oops)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Professional At Dinner!

I just love hanging with the boys, they say and do the funniest things! Lately L has been asking me to make meatloaf, R instantly says "NO!" He has no fond memories of the stuff. Tonight during dinner L holds up his garlic bread to his face and says "Mom look, I'm like that kid with the meatloaf!" and makes pig noises, he was imitating the little bro on A Christmas Story.
Then R says "Hey, can we play with our food?!" I told him no, then he looks at me like, why in the world can we not play with food? So then I say "OK, just don't get it on the carpet or your clothes." R looks at me like I am seriously lacking in wisdom and says in all seriousness "Mom, I'm a professional at playing with my food, it helps me eat faster!" I just cracked up as he continued to tell me how he plays with his food during lunch at school and so it only "takes me about 10 minutes to eat it all!"

Ahh, I just love these boys!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Some December Fun

L has been doing great with library school. He is our shy one out in public, but has been opening up a bit now at his "school". He finally participated in the craft, he was so proud!

Next we made some gingerbread houses out of Graham crackers on Monday. It was so fun! We each made one, here's pics of the "pretty one", and then the "Idaho Shanty" made and named by R! I love holiday crafts!

Thursday, December 6, 2007


This was a lot of postings in one day, but I have a working digital and had J download the images finally! So read up!
Here are some pics of the end of fall: R getting the books from Junebug, the boys found fast asleep snuggled up after watching a movie in L's room, a pic of L that is J's favorite, L showing off J's new helmet decal, Me with my two awesome boys at the fair.
Keep on reading until you get to the post about the tree decorations!

Do I Smell Cake?

R is very interested in cooking now.

So one day I said-R make a cake! R-I don't know how.

Me-Do you know how to read? R-Yes.

Me-Can you follow directions? R-Yes.

I handed him a box mix and said-Well, read this and follow the directions. I helped him pour the cake in the pan and put the pan in and out of the oven but that was it. He did everything else himself. So I told him he is now the designated cake maker of the family! Way to go R!

Awesome Weekend!

We got to go play at Uncle S and Aunt M's house over the weekend. R and L have a blast playing with D, B, and A. We drove up to the MT. to play in the snow, ate delicious food, watched movies, stayed up too late, played games and was sad to have to go back home! S, M, D, B, A you guys rock!

Santa Claus Came to Town!

Santa Came! Primary had a Christmas party, we got to decorate sugar cookies, make ornaments, sing carols, hear a Christmas story, and get pics with Santa. L was absolutely amazed!

Getting Ready for Christmas!

The boys and I went to Shelton Walmart for a tree so we wouldn't have to travel the roads that had any mud slides on them. I told the boys to pick any tree they wanted, so of course, they picked the biggest one. We waited for about 20min and no stockboy was available to help us load it up. So I asked the checkout lady for some twine and I hoisted that tree onto the Jeep myself! So I'm struggling to tie it down and I hear R yell out-A little to your right Mom!
Once home J put it in the stand, I held it up and told R to tell me if it was straight, he looks at it and says it's perfect. Our tree is huge, crooked, already dried out, and absolutely perfect!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Crazy Weather!

We have had some unexpected weather here in WA! This weekend we actually got real snow (for the 2nd time this year) and then it rained and didn't stop...It rained so much that there was real flooding, mud slides, a bit of power outages, roads closed, and schools canceled! We are a few of the lucky ones and our houses have stayed dry, but there are many who have had flooding around us. This is our 2nd day of no school, and there may be no scouts/mutual tonight. I can't complain about the no school, but I'll be glad when the waters recede. This pic is how WA feels right now!