Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Favorites!

1. My Team! - The ladies on my soccer team are just so rockin' awesome, I love playing with them! We just keep getting better and better, and it just gets more fun each time we play! One of the things I love during a game is when the opposing ladies start to get mad at me, it must mean that I'm starting to do something right!

2. Cheerleaders! - My 2 boys were my cheerleaders at last nights game, it was great, this is what I heard as I was running around on the field:
-Yeah Mom!
-Mom....MOOOM....Over here Mom!....MOOOM...Is this glass soundproof?!
-Sister P.
-Mrs. P

It was so funny and then later they asked me why I wasn't looking at them and I told them because I had to look at the ball, but to keep on yelling because I could hear them. They were pretty pleased with themselves!

3. Wardrobe - Who taught this kid how to dress?

4. Vacation - J is on vacation! Hooray! We are leaving for Idaho on Monday for the family reunion, we get to camp it up, swim it up, and visit with loved ones we haven't seen in a long time! So excited!

5. T.Time - We are off this afternoon for some T. Time, we get to go to my Big Bro's house and play it up this weekend! I am looking forward to workouts w/M, board games, the tastiest food, the kido's all playing together, snuggling Sissa, watching movies, hangin around the fire, and just plain being around each other. We all look forward to these weekends!
-Oh yeah, and bonus for me, I get to go on a date w/my Man, they are watching the boys for us tonight, sweet!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why Does Dad Have 2 Arms?

That's Why!

It's Sold!

We live way out in the middle of nowheresville-don't get me wrong, sometimes that's it's charm. However, with gas being so selfish with its prices has made driving our Jeep a big pain. I don't particularly like paying $70+ to fill it us and then just watch it disappear way to fast!
That Jeep had been good though, we got it in NY at about 34K miles on it and we sold it with 94K miles yesterday with no major breakages. It even became our stump puller, it pulled out some crazy stumps on our property here. I will miss it a little.
It was sold and everything finalized in 9 days!
So now J just rides his super awesome motorcycle, and I put around in our little blue Saturn...for now.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm Watching Wednesday!

J and I watch the Stephen Colbert Report on Comedy Central, it is so stinkin' funny! That man just cracks me up!
Here is a clip from his latest show:

Monday, June 23, 2008

It's Begun!

Summertime has started! The very limited bedtimes...OK who am I kidding, I spoil them rotten, the no bedtimes, the (sometimes) warm weather, playing outside, NO running to the bus with seconds to spare, hanging out all together, and the day trips have started!

I have a summer school bag put together for the boys and they are actually excited to do some school work with me! I told them it was helping me with college if they let me help them do school work, now we'll see if I can keep on top of it!

Today is the library to start the summer reading kickoff, and then go to the fun playground at the school where they will play and I will do my homework. Hopefully we'll get in a walk or a bike ride today, it depends on my homework progress.
The rest of the week will probably play out the same way, we are getting nice weather and so I'll take them to parks to play while I finish up assignments.

Our 1st summer outing was with J's work, it was sunny and warm, and we all had a great time!
The Lunch:
The Bouncy Ship:
The Playground:

The Lake:

I LOVE Summertime!

Sunday, June 22, 2008


Goodbye sweet school break...goodbye days with no homework in sight, goodbye days with no APA formatting, no printing, no participation, no discussion questions, no essays, no PowerPoint presentations, no chapter readings, no research, no grades...
Tomorrow its back to the grind, I start Classroom Instruction and Intro to Behavioral Science...

Oops, attitude check...I mean...

Hey Guess what?! I start my new classes tomorrow, yippee!

I Grew!

I think I grew up a little...Maybe became stronger or more understanding in some way.
So here's why I think that:
We went to J's work picnic on Friday and there are lots of people there and a lot of people don't know each other. So when you pull up there is almost a haze of awkward in the air. I had a great time, the boys had their friend S with us, we ate to much, played by the water, the playground, chatted with a few people, and the boys bounced it up on the bouncing ship, J got to do some fun wake boarding after we all ate.

J later comes to me and asks me if I was OK or something because he was off on the boat or talking to other people. I told him I was fine and was having fun. Then I said I didn't need him to be right by my side the entire time, it was OK for him to have fun too.
I told him I wasn't saying, "I don't know anyone, why do you want to go on a boat without me? Don't leave me! I can't believe you! Fine just go!" (in a very dramatic sorta whiny voice)
He laughed and says, "Who says that?"
I told him, "Just about every wife here J, really, I'm having a great time"
He laughed again and looked very relieved and smiled.

I was once that wife who felt very insecure at the picnics where I didn't know anyone. I wanted J to stick to me like glue and would get very pissy when he'd try and have some fun, or talked to someone else too long and not me (poor guy maybe that's why he felt compelled to come and check up with me at that point). I don't feel like that anymore, it was a very nice feeling, so I guess I grew up a bit!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Favorites!

Helloooo Friday!

1. When School's Out! - Yesterday was R's last day, he is free for the summer! HOORAY!! I just LOVE it when school is over and I get to see him all the time! We are gonna have a rockin' good time this summer!

2. Medicine - I save medicine if I have any extra left over when done being sick. Good thing for J that I do that! In NY he had a Terrible case of food poisoning and he was given some meds to help w/the nausea, I saved all the leftover pills. Well he was pretty sick the other day and I pulled out those pills and it Really helped him. I was So thankful I had them!

3. Passage To Zarahemla - I heard about this movie on another blog and so rented it from Blockbuster-online. L was a little bored w/it, but R really liked it, I did too. There was some neat parts to it, some cute parts, and enough action parts to keep R interested!

4. Book of Mormon Reading Challenge - Our Bishop has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days (4 chapters a day), we start Sunday! I'm excited to take up this challenge, especially with the boys!

5. Bikes - The boys ride their bikes everyday, it is so cute, even the neighbor kids come out and they zip up and down our road. L had gotten really good and I can now walk on our main paved road with him on his bike. He actually has to wait for me now! I told the boys we can go on bike rides everyday this summer if they want (well I'll walk they'll ride) and they are pretty excited for that!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What can I say...R is just AWESOME!

That goofy kid w/his hands in his pockets in the front row is R!

Here is an introduction by R he did at the beginning of 3rd grade:
I am R. I want you to know that I really like school. I want to improve my brain. This summer I got a DS and some games. We lost one of our dogs, I wrestled, had a sleepover, played with my dog and became an artist. (I spend a lot of my time imagining and playing DS and pokemon.) I am good at reading, writing stories, running, playing games, wrestling, being happy and learning.

R's words to live by: "Just do it. Think about your work."

In school they picked 1 boy and 1 girl from each class, R was the boy from his!

I love getting his journal at the end of the year, I love getting to read some of the things that went through his mind at school! Here are a few entries that made me smile:

9/7/07 - I think I will have fun in third grade. I bet I will make new friend's this year. I'm learning cursive. I have wanted to learn cursive for 2 years! I like this year better than last year allredy!

9/19/07 - I keep losing pencils. They are always by colby. I'm wondering why that is happaning. I lost my erasers. I found a box that was exatly like the penciltop eraser's in cole's cubie.

10/29/0 - I hope I have confrence tonight beacause I want the Pokemon sinoh handbook. It is cool

11/06/07 - Today is going to be a fun day. I think it will be a fun day because I have cub scouts. Cub scouts is fun. Scott gose to. Right now I'm a wolf cub.

11/20/07 - Yesterday I played with Scott. We creeped our selfes out. We had tons of fun. When it was dinner time we had pizza. When we were having our third slice of pizza his mom came. We asked them if we could work on the mouse trap I was building. They said "no". We ran around the living room. Scott went home and I went to bed.

11/26/07 - When I was going to grandpa's house I was bord I sat the whole way. When we got to grandpa's it was 1 hour till midnight. I chose the room we would sleep in. It was dad's room when he was a kid. After that I had a great time! 6 days went by and it was time to go home, on the way home I thoght about that great time I had at grandpa's.

11/29/07 - On the bus Gunner told me somthing about his dad's leg being cut by a saw. When we got to the part about the hospital, Gunner said something funny.

12/6/07 - Tomorrow I'm

12/11/07 - Today harry potter 5 is on dvd. Mom said she would buy it. I can't wait to see it! I alredy saw it in the theaters. It is asome. I wonder if they'll make a sixth movie?

12/13/07 - Peaches just went in the gerbil ball. I think Peaches was scarded. I wish I could go in that ball. If I was a gerbil I would run all over the place.

1/24/07 (08) - Tomorow is popcorn day. I'm going to buy two bags. I wish Mrs. C would let us get more. If she let us get more, I wold buy five.

1/29/08 - Today is boring. I wish I was home.

5/1/08 - This morning I was rushed. At least I din't miss the brekfeast room! I hope I have lot's of fun

(date?) - I have nothing to write a bout

We just love you R, you did a Great job in 3rd grade!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Way to Go R!

Baseball season is offically over. R had lots of fun playing it up this year, he even got to kid-pitch!
They had a team party at a local mexican restuarant in town, which included his trophy and a cool slide show of the year, then it afterward they played their last game, WOW! Way to go R, you did great!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Here's to over 8 years of being an Awesome Dad:
1. J was always great about changing diapers!
2. J spoils the boys with super fun toys since day one!
3. J reads great bedtime stories and is the best snuggler!
3. J is the best wrestler a boy could ever ask for!
4. J is the best homework helper, he never gets frustrated and always has the answer!
5. J bought property so his boys can play and work outside and get to love the land!
5. J takes the boys fishing!
6. J always lets the boys "help" when he's working outside!
7. J makes the best deserts and dinners with the boys' help!
8. J works hard so his boys always have a Mom at home!

Happy Fathers Day J, we LOVE you!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm Watching Wednesday!

M is 30 today! Hooray! We just love her gobs and bunches, she is a wonderful friend, sister, and auntie!
Hope your day is a super fun one M!
We LOVE you!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mommy Monday!

"Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body." ~Elizabeth Stone

I love this quote, I saw it on another's blog and it reminded me of the 1st time I heard it when R was just a little one. I remember thinking, "Wow, that is exactly how it is!"

R is just so rockin' awesome! He is growing up so fast, it's just crazy! I love being his Mom, he is one fun kid to be around...

He is earning money to get an iPod shuffle (see ticker on the side)
Some chores to earn iPod bucks are: Washing dishes, mowing the lawn, cleaning the cars, cleaning the bathroom.

So right now he is washing a mountain of dishes. The other day he asked me if he still had to do the chore even if he didn't feel like making any money that day. I told him, "Yes, you have to do any chore I tell you, if you do it without whining you'll get paid, if you whine you do it for free"

So sometimes I see the "face", but don't hear the whine!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Favorites!

1. L Time - When it was just me and R we got to do all sorts of things, just the 2 of us. After L was born he has pretty much had to share me all the time. Life is also very different from when R was little to after I had L. So this 1st week off I have tried to make some extra time for L, and it has been awesome!

We have been playing Go Fish and Concentration with SpongeBob cards, Monopoly Jr., after Wed. soccer practice I stayed after so L and I could play soccer together (let me say, soccer champ in the making!) Picnic at the beach with shell collecting, reading it up with lots-o-books, extra snuggle time, and he has been opening up and we have had so many conversations! Today we have a list, he is helping me with chores, and we have a list of games to play, we have already gone on our walk/bike ride, and played 2 games. I sure am blessed to have this little guy, and to have this special time with him!

2. L's New Cut -

I cut L's hair, it is a slight fo-hawk. He loves it and calls it his soccer haircut!

3. Soccer gear-

Again, I just love this sport! I have my ball, shin guards, shorts, socks, bag, and H2O bottle. Last night was our 1st game, it was a rockin' good time! Afterwards I asked J what he thought and if he was bored watching or had fun. He says, "Oh, I had fun...watching you guys get annihilated!" It was so funny! So yes, we lost our 1st game, but we still did pretty good!

4. Goals - I set some goals for my time off, work out (try to get better at soccer), play it up with L, and stop drinking all pop. Man, I am a Pop-a-holic! Most know that I love a good diet cola, especially Coke Zero! But all that caffeine does a doozy on me, and I want to be healthier and so with the cheering on of my hubby, I quit the Pop. Man, let me just say I feel bad for all addicts out there, dropping a bad habit/addiction is hard work! J has been great and doesn't drink any carbonation in front of me, we don't bring it in the house, and the only grumblings have been from the boys because I cut them off from all pop too (they love Sprite, Grape, and Root Beer soda's) It's been 5 days, all I have been drinking is H20 or Milk. (Oh, and I have been using Excedrin for the headaches-and sore legs from soccer-but have been working off of those too). I am so pleased with myself that I have been able to do this!

5. Peter Pan - I don't really like this Disney cartoon or any of the Peter Pan stuff. But...

Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have written 3 books on how Peter Pan became Peter Pan and I really like these books:
Peter and the Starcatchers
Peter and the Shadow Thieves
Peter and the Secret of Rundoon

Final Results

Now I have 15 A's and one B! I just got the results for my Psychology class. For my final essay I got 242pts out of 250pts and a 95.9% for my overall grade!
Now my GPA is 3.9.

I have 4 classes left and then I will start my Bachelors. They are:
Introduction to Behavioral Science
Classroom Instruction
Communication Processes
Diversity in the Classroom

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

I'm Watching Wednesday!

R has liked this song ever since he heard Alvin and The Chipmunks singing it so I uploaded it onto my iPod.
I let him use my iPod when he is doing homework, and sometimes when he is doing chores or just has a need to hear the tunes! This song, Move Along, and 4 Minutes are his favorites.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Team!

This is the majority of our team, there are a few missing. Don't we look awesome?! Saturday we all practiced together and it was crazy fun!
Today I played in another scrimage with some other ladies, it was fun and challenging, I feel like I get a little lost and some of those ladies sure kick trash! I just hate getting out of breath, it sure is a workout.
1st game is Thursday night, I am So glad I get to play, I can't wait!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Mommy Monday!

I have 3 weeks off from school. My plans include quitting ALL pop, playing it up in soccer, organizing up the house, and working on some beads for YW camp.
But my biggest plan and most important plan is to Play It Up with my Boys! I kick-started my vacation with a fun game of Jr. Monopoly with L this morning, he kicked my butt, and now we are off to town together. I'm just going to be fun Mom for the next 3 weeks, Could it get any better?!
I love being a Mom!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ouch, lesson learned...

I have 14 A's and one B.
I just got back my grade for the final I turned in this morning, it was so much worse than I thought it was going to be.
I had a B in this class because I had submitted some assignments late when I was sick in April, so I lost a lot of points for penalties. Well, I thought if I get an A on my final then I'd get an A- for my overall.
Silly me, I lost 5 points because I spelled my instructors last name wrong (what a dumb mistake!) And then I didn't notice the part that said my visual part of my final was supposed to be attached separately, I did it all at once, so another dumb mistake. I guess my content was good, but I over looked a part of the instructions and I paid big time for it.
My grade for that class is now an 86.2%.
One painful lesson learned.

Whew, glad that's over!

Wow, its like 4:30am Sunday morning and I just submitted my final paper for Child Development! I got my psychology paper turned in on Friday. I'm all done with everything for both classes...whew! (And I didn't throw-up!)
So now I have 3 blessed weeks of no college! That is just rockin!
Now the Big Q is, do I flop into bed for 3 hours before its time to get ready for church, or do I go clean the kitchen and push some laundry through while I wait for the family to wake up?