Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday Favorites!

1. L Time - When it was just me and R we got to do all sorts of things, just the 2 of us. After L was born he has pretty much had to share me all the time. Life is also very different from when R was little to after I had L. So this 1st week off I have tried to make some extra time for L, and it has been awesome!

We have been playing Go Fish and Concentration with SpongeBob cards, Monopoly Jr., after Wed. soccer practice I stayed after so L and I could play soccer together (let me say, soccer champ in the making!) Picnic at the beach with shell collecting, reading it up with lots-o-books, extra snuggle time, and he has been opening up and we have had so many conversations! Today we have a list, he is helping me with chores, and we have a list of games to play, we have already gone on our walk/bike ride, and played 2 games. I sure am blessed to have this little guy, and to have this special time with him!

2. L's New Cut -

I cut L's hair, it is a slight fo-hawk. He loves it and calls it his soccer haircut!

3. Soccer gear-

Again, I just love this sport! I have my ball, shin guards, shorts, socks, bag, and H2O bottle. Last night was our 1st game, it was a rockin' good time! Afterwards I asked J what he thought and if he was bored watching or had fun. He says, "Oh, I had fun...watching you guys get annihilated!" It was so funny! So yes, we lost our 1st game, but we still did pretty good!

4. Goals - I set some goals for my time off, work out (try to get better at soccer), play it up with L, and stop drinking all pop. Man, I am a Pop-a-holic! Most know that I love a good diet cola, especially Coke Zero! But all that caffeine does a doozy on me, and I want to be healthier and so with the cheering on of my hubby, I quit the Pop. Man, let me just say I feel bad for all addicts out there, dropping a bad habit/addiction is hard work! J has been great and doesn't drink any carbonation in front of me, we don't bring it in the house, and the only grumblings have been from the boys because I cut them off from all pop too (they love Sprite, Grape, and Root Beer soda's) It's been 5 days, all I have been drinking is H20 or Milk. (Oh, and I have been using Excedrin for the headaches-and sore legs from soccer-but have been working off of those too). I am so pleased with myself that I have been able to do this!

5. Peter Pan - I don't really like this Disney cartoon or any of the Peter Pan stuff. But...

Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson have written 3 books on how Peter Pan became Peter Pan and I really like these books:
Peter and the Starcatchers
Peter and the Shadow Thieves
Peter and the Secret of Rundoon


Thomas Family said...

Love the haircut...I hope he keeps it!!

HoorayforHansons said...

Yay B! I love soccer too! If I lived any closer... maybe even an hour closer I'd be there for you next game with a "Team B" t-shirt on cheering for you!

The Never Fairy said...

Yes, the Barry/Pearson books are fun stories. But they're actually only prequels to the Disney cartoon. The fact is they contradict Barrie's original works about Peter Pan. All of the prequels and sequels do...except one. A novel is coming out that's based on Barrie's notes to continue Pan's adventure. Click on my name for the announcement page.

zeeny said...

Seems like you are having fun! Good luck breaking the addiction!!!

The Tills said...

YOU cut Luke's hair? :o)
It looks really cute on him, good job!