Sunday, June 22, 2008

I Grew!

I think I grew up a little...Maybe became stronger or more understanding in some way.
So here's why I think that:
We went to J's work picnic on Friday and there are lots of people there and a lot of people don't know each other. So when you pull up there is almost a haze of awkward in the air. I had a great time, the boys had their friend S with us, we ate to much, played by the water, the playground, chatted with a few people, and the boys bounced it up on the bouncing ship, J got to do some fun wake boarding after we all ate.

J later comes to me and asks me if I was OK or something because he was off on the boat or talking to other people. I told him I was fine and was having fun. Then I said I didn't need him to be right by my side the entire time, it was OK for him to have fun too.
I told him I wasn't saying, "I don't know anyone, why do you want to go on a boat without me? Don't leave me! I can't believe you! Fine just go!" (in a very dramatic sorta whiny voice)
He laughed and says, "Who says that?"
I told him, "Just about every wife here J, really, I'm having a great time"
He laughed again and looked very relieved and smiled.

I was once that wife who felt very insecure at the picnics where I didn't know anyone. I wanted J to stick to me like glue and would get very pissy when he'd try and have some fun, or talked to someone else too long and not me (poor guy maybe that's why he felt compelled to come and check up with me at that point). I don't feel like that anymore, it was a very nice feeling, so I guess I grew up a bit!

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zippy said...

Way to go Bonster, it's always great to feel independent! But then again, I never ever thought of you any other way...especially not as a whiny, insecure wife. As long as I've known you, you've always come across as a strong and confident woman.

Hey, I just noticed that you have two of my good friends listed under your blogs you visit list: "Momville" and I were roommates in college and "Cocoa/Chocolate" is a great gal who used to live in J-rod's hometown for a long time. Small world! : ) Both gals are amazing women that I LOVE!! Glad you like their blogs. : )