Thursday, June 19, 2008

What can I say...R is just AWESOME!

That goofy kid w/his hands in his pockets in the front row is R!

Here is an introduction by R he did at the beginning of 3rd grade:
I am R. I want you to know that I really like school. I want to improve my brain. This summer I got a DS and some games. We lost one of our dogs, I wrestled, had a sleepover, played with my dog and became an artist. (I spend a lot of my time imagining and playing DS and pokemon.) I am good at reading, writing stories, running, playing games, wrestling, being happy and learning.

R's words to live by: "Just do it. Think about your work."

In school they picked 1 boy and 1 girl from each class, R was the boy from his!

I love getting his journal at the end of the year, I love getting to read some of the things that went through his mind at school! Here are a few entries that made me smile:

9/7/07 - I think I will have fun in third grade. I bet I will make new friend's this year. I'm learning cursive. I have wanted to learn cursive for 2 years! I like this year better than last year allredy!

9/19/07 - I keep losing pencils. They are always by colby. I'm wondering why that is happaning. I lost my erasers. I found a box that was exatly like the penciltop eraser's in cole's cubie.

10/29/0 - I hope I have confrence tonight beacause I want the Pokemon sinoh handbook. It is cool

11/06/07 - Today is going to be a fun day. I think it will be a fun day because I have cub scouts. Cub scouts is fun. Scott gose to. Right now I'm a wolf cub.

11/20/07 - Yesterday I played with Scott. We creeped our selfes out. We had tons of fun. When it was dinner time we had pizza. When we were having our third slice of pizza his mom came. We asked them if we could work on the mouse trap I was building. They said "no". We ran around the living room. Scott went home and I went to bed.

11/26/07 - When I was going to grandpa's house I was bord I sat the whole way. When we got to grandpa's it was 1 hour till midnight. I chose the room we would sleep in. It was dad's room when he was a kid. After that I had a great time! 6 days went by and it was time to go home, on the way home I thoght about that great time I had at grandpa's.

11/29/07 - On the bus Gunner told me somthing about his dad's leg being cut by a saw. When we got to the part about the hospital, Gunner said something funny.

12/6/07 - Tomorrow I'm

12/11/07 - Today harry potter 5 is on dvd. Mom said she would buy it. I can't wait to see it! I alredy saw it in the theaters. It is asome. I wonder if they'll make a sixth movie?

12/13/07 - Peaches just went in the gerbil ball. I think Peaches was scarded. I wish I could go in that ball. If I was a gerbil I would run all over the place.

1/24/07 (08) - Tomorow is popcorn day. I'm going to buy two bags. I wish Mrs. C would let us get more. If she let us get more, I wold buy five.

1/29/08 - Today is boring. I wish I was home.

5/1/08 - This morning I was rushed. At least I din't miss the brekfeast room! I hope I have lot's of fun

(date?) - I have nothing to write a bout

We just love you R, you did a Great job in 3rd grade!


The Tills said...

That's awesome!I just LOVE R! Those are all so cute! What a GREAT kido! Tell him congrats for finishing Third grade and were proud of him.

Lallie said...

That is so fun... I love to read the kids journals from school! He sounds like he is so grown up now.