Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's Sold!

We live way out in the middle of nowheresville-don't get me wrong, sometimes that's it's charm. However, with gas being so selfish with its prices has made driving our Jeep a big pain. I don't particularly like paying $70+ to fill it us and then just watch it disappear way to fast!
That Jeep had been good though, we got it in NY at about 34K miles on it and we sold it with 94K miles yesterday with no major breakages. It even became our stump puller, it pulled out some crazy stumps on our property here. I will miss it a little.
It was sold and everything finalized in 9 days!
So now J just rides his super awesome motorcycle, and I put around in our little blue Saturn...for now.


The Tills said...

WOW! That's BIG! CONGRATS, I bet it will be nice to not have such a big gas bill.

Thomas Family said...

Wow, 9 days, we've been trying to sell ours for 9 months! And we're trying to do it for the same reason :) That's great, though! What are you going to get in place of it?

Proud Mommy said...

Hey, if you only have the ity bity saturn, then what are we ALL going to fit in when Grandma Sue, Myself, and Corban come down? Especially when you also have till kidly's?