Friday, June 27, 2008

Friday Favorites!

1. My Team! - The ladies on my soccer team are just so rockin' awesome, I love playing with them! We just keep getting better and better, and it just gets more fun each time we play! One of the things I love during a game is when the opposing ladies start to get mad at me, it must mean that I'm starting to do something right!

2. Cheerleaders! - My 2 boys were my cheerleaders at last nights game, it was great, this is what I heard as I was running around on the field:
-Yeah Mom!
-Mom....MOOOM....Over here Mom!....MOOOM...Is this glass soundproof?!
-Sister P.
-Mrs. P

It was so funny and then later they asked me why I wasn't looking at them and I told them because I had to look at the ball, but to keep on yelling because I could hear them. They were pretty pleased with themselves!

3. Wardrobe - Who taught this kid how to dress?

4. Vacation - J is on vacation! Hooray! We are leaving for Idaho on Monday for the family reunion, we get to camp it up, swim it up, and visit with loved ones we haven't seen in a long time! So excited!

5. T.Time - We are off this afternoon for some T. Time, we get to go to my Big Bro's house and play it up this weekend! I am looking forward to workouts w/M, board games, the tastiest food, the kido's all playing together, snuggling Sissa, watching movies, hangin around the fire, and just plain being around each other. We all look forward to these weekends!
-Oh yeah, and bonus for me, I get to go on a date w/my Man, they are watching the boys for us tonight, sweet!


HoorayforHansons said...

Yay! Have so much fun with the T's and have a ton of fun on your date night! Lucky Lucky. D and I need one of those soon. Will you be here in Sandpoint for our 10 year? Will you still be playing soccer when we are in Washington in July?

Thomas Family said...

Well you guys go and have an awesome time. You deserve it!! Can't wait to here about your vacation when you get back :)

Lallie said...

Sounds like a great week... Have fun with your family!

Anonymous said...

Carol showed me some pics of the boys at the reunion. Looks like you all had a blast!