Thursday, November 29, 2007

We've Been Cowed!

I kept forgetting to get the boys their flu shot. Last night J said he got the nose mist at work and that the base had a set up that you just show up to get your vaccination.

So today I surprised R by picking him up early at school. Both boys were not too excited to get a shot. Then L says, "Are we gonna get cowed?" It was so funny and cool that he remembered what that was.

I read to the boys about the scientist who invented smallpox vaccines from cowpox on the way to ID last week. We learned that the word "Vacca" means "Cow", and so when you are vaccinated you are being cowed! L remembered and said he didn't want to be cowed when we got there!

We totally lucked out...we walked in filled the paper out, walked up to a nurse who gave us each the mist instead of the shot, hooray for sniff-mist! The boys were pretty relieved. It was a very easy day to get "bovinated"!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Special Surprise!

Last night we were all inside playing Uno. J asked if it was still raining outside so I told R to go take a look. "It's Snowing!" we hear, so we all rush to the door and sure enough big fat flakes are floating down! It didn't snow long, but there is a dusting on the ground and Mother Nature didn't follow up with more rain so its still here this morning. School is delayed 2 hours and R is outside enjoying it. It gave us flashbacks of ID and NY winter wonderlands! I sure hope it does this for Christmas too!

Monday, November 26, 2007

A Great Week!

I just can't believe Thanksgiving is over! It was a great crazy week, here are some of the highlights:

-Got most of my homework done on Wed, then got my essay done late Sun night, but all turned in!
-New shoes for me, new coat for R
-J and I cleaned the house top to bottom
-The drive to and from ID was perfect
-We had turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, apple salad, rolls, cranberry sauce, veggie platter, cauliflower with cheese, GB casserole, pumpkin roll, sour cream lemon pie, pumpkin pie, cream cheese brownie pie--it was all delicious!
-L and R got haircuts from AuntM, L (as always) was excited to get his cut, but then had an identity crisis and melt down because he "didn't look the same anymore!"
-R's terrible looking black eye from Mutual right before we left, he looked like a rough-punk all week!
-Black Friday shopping, went all day, got good deals, then vegged on the couch and ate leftovers! -J and Dad getting the sheet rock up around the windows.
-Cousin H playing with my boys, they had a great time with her!
-Going to Walmart, L see's a giant Bratz doll display and says, "Hey R wants that!" R falls right for it and says, "NO I don't!" L smiles and says, "Yes you do!"
-Visiting the giant Cabela's store
-L wanting a pocket knife from AuntM, she says he needs to wait til he's at least 8, R says, "yeah, you need to be trustworthy L" then J says, "Yeah L, and right now you look a little shifty"
-Our friends taking care of the dog Buddy
-Grandpa and Grandma giving us all that hamburger, Thank You!
-R learning how to play Apples-To-Apples, and L learning how to play (mostly) Uno
-Movies, movies, movies
-Practically broke my neck, L kicking me at night in the guest room didn't help!
-It was chilly, but no snow which felt a little weird for ID

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Now it's time to bring on Christmas!

Monday, November 19, 2007

To The Future!

Last night L told us what he plans on being when he grows up. Out of the blue he jumped on our bed sat between J and I with arms out wide proclaims, "I'm gonna be a Dad and a Grandpa when I grow up!" and does this funny little dance.

It was just so funny, J and I laughed so hard, L is such a ball of fun!

If you ask R what he'll be all grown up, he is going to be a Scientist that engineers real Pokemon, he dreams big ;-)

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Holidays Rock!

I am soooo excited for Thanksgiving, as for Christmas! We are leaving for ID Wed. afternoon and staying til Sun. I am already thinking about how much fun it is going to be cooking it up in my In-Laws at Grandpa and Grandma Peine's kitchen, can't wait! I will be in a fury trying to get all my schoolwork done by Wed. as well as the scout activities for Tues. There is also a dentist appointment, craft time with a friend, aerobics, and library school to squish in...
This weekend J, L, and I went mall hopping while R was at a friends. It was so fun to see all the Christmas stuff out, I'm in the spirit! And this last few weeks there has been so much talk of gratitude and thankfulness at church that I can't help but look at all I have and realize how blessed I am, I am truly thankful.
I kicked off Christmas by finally buying one of my fave holiday movies, The Santa Clause. I love this movie! I also got the 2nd one and on the 20th I'm going out and getting the 3rd! My other fave is the movie Elf, love love love it, sooo funny! It is so nice to snuggle up with the boys and watch holiday movies, I don't know who enjoys it more, me or them!
I am so thankful for family and friends,
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you, lots of love, B-

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Told Ya!

We stopped at Barnes & Noble last night (one of our favorite stores) The boys were playing on the Thomas the Train table with another boy. I was on the other side of a book display when I overheard this:

Boy- There is no such thing as Santa, ask you Mom, she'll say its just her.

My L- No!!! Santa is real, not my Mom!

My R- Its not parents.

Boy- Well, how does he go around the whole world in one night? It really is the parents who do it!


Then I came around pretending I hadn't heard a word, smiled at the boys and said, "Hey boys, its time to go" Then L stands up and says, "Mom is Santa real?" I say, "Yes"
Then L turns to the boy and says, "HA, told ya!" and walked away with a smile.

So that answers that Q, R and L believe in Santa, continue the magic...

Monday, November 12, 2007

Welcome Back...

It's happened, the end of my school vacation! I can't believe its already here! My classes start today, they are:

Into to Psycology-Why We Do What We Do and Contemporary Issues in American Education.

It was a wonderful 2 weeks off, I got in a few days of mindless TV watching, took the boys swimming, taught aerobics, went to meetings, had too much fun for Halloween, canned apple pie filling and apple sauce, made tons of Zuccini bread, had fun at the Super Saturday by RS, helped J cut/stack/clear/burn wood and branches outside, read some books, and loved it up with my gang! I am so blessed...

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Love Them More Each Day!

Here is a bit of R:
I was organizing and moving their rooms around and I had gotten R's all clean and done, L's was still in chaos. The boys also leave their lights on even after we get all over them to turn them off when leaving a room. One day J calls R over and says what's wrong with this (referring to R's light was on and L's was off) R looks at both rooms and says, "Well L's room is pretty messy"
Another day- Mom I can't do this homework or it will give me the stress!
-How do you know? is R's most frequent q to me --referring to me catching him sneak candy, toys, "hiding", He is absolutely baffled that I know what he is up to!
-R said he was "stuffed" after a "yucky" dinner one night. J asked him if he wanted some ice cream, R pauses and says, "No, I'm stuffed remember?" He said this because J will ask the boys if they want something yummy and when they say yes, he'll say Then you have room for your dinner. I called R on it and he smiled admitted he just didn't like dinner and would rather go hungry than eat it!
-I heard him tell a friend that when we had mice in the house he had taken a handful of cereal and put it in his heater vent to see what would happen and the next day mice came and ate it all! Here I was wondering why mice would be in his vent...

Here is some of L:
"I don't like Potatoes" This means pineapple, tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, onions etc..
-I asked L if he was going to ask his Daddy for a new transformer toy one day, he says "no, I'll just ask Jesus!"
-I heard him tell a boy he didn't like "If your mean to me Jesus and I won't love you anymore", We had to have a little talk after that one.
-He told me after primary all sad faced "Mom I'm not a visitor" Every Sunday he had been getting up with the b-day kids and visitors to be sung to and get a sticker, but now they make him sit in his seat.
-"Mom my leg hurts, I fink I need a walking stick" No you don't "Yes!!" No "Yes!" No... "Will you carry me?"
-My tummy/neck hurts!--This means I don't want to eat/clean up/go to bed/listen to you.
-L you need to go to bed, "I can't! I'm too tired to go to bed!"
-"Mom I forgot to give me my undies and now my pants are fallin off!"

These boys make me smile Every day, even when they are being so "sneaky" and whiny! They are total opposites but love each other so much. R told me this morning that his prayer was almost all about being thankful, and that he was thankful for L. I was surprised since they had just had a fight before I sent them off to say personal prayers! What great kids...

This is a pic of them a few years back, I just love it!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Sunday Thoughts

I have the blessing of teaching every other Sunday in Young Womens. I love it!! I get to learn so much and I get to hang out with these awesome girls and the other YW leaders are just so wonderful and loving. It is a nice safe place that I get recharged at and can face another week of go-go-go! This Sunday the lesson was on Optimism, it was great!

The scripture was Doctrine and Covenants 90:24 and it says "Search diligently, pray always, and be believing, and all things shall work together for your good, if ye walk uprightly and remember the covenant wherewith ye have covenanted one with another."

Then there was a list of things you can do to become more optimistic in life:

1. Count your blessings.
2. Learn the power of laughter.
3. Enjoy beautiful music and literature. They can lift your spirits.
4. Look for beauty everywhere you go. Look for it in nature, in art, and in the faces of loved ones.
5. Strive to improve yourself each day.
6. Look for the good in everything.
7. Understand and live the gospel, “for in right living there can be no remorse of conscience” (Bruce R. McConkie, Mormon Doctrine, 2nd ed. [Salt Lake City: Bookcraft, 1966], p. 124).

After going over this lesson and talking with the ladies I realized what a blessing it is to be able to see the good in life. And that I have the power to react the way I want to to anything and still be happy. My goal is to try and be optimistic even when life seems to be difficult!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the Results Are...

I'm totally excited about what I'm about to tell you...My grades are in!
In Criminology I got 248/250 on my final project, and my final grade is 99%
My instructor told me that this was one of the highest scores she has ever given out.
For Math I got 243/250 on my final project, and my final grade is 92%
My instructor told me I did superb on the final test.
My GPA is 3.97 (was a 4.0, but that is OK!) I am just so amazed that I passed math with an A!
I feel great right now!