Saturday, November 17, 2007

Told Ya!

We stopped at Barnes & Noble last night (one of our favorite stores) The boys were playing on the Thomas the Train table with another boy. I was on the other side of a book display when I overheard this:

Boy- There is no such thing as Santa, ask you Mom, she'll say its just her.

My L- No!!! Santa is real, not my Mom!

My R- Its not parents.

Boy- Well, how does he go around the whole world in one night? It really is the parents who do it!


Then I came around pretending I hadn't heard a word, smiled at the boys and said, "Hey boys, its time to go" Then L stands up and says, "Mom is Santa real?" I say, "Yes"
Then L turns to the boy and says, "HA, told ya!" and walked away with a smile.

So that answers that Q, R and L believe in Santa, continue the magic...


zeeny said...

That's great...I say let them believe! Enjoy it while you can! And even when you know the truth it is still magical!

zippy said...

Cute story B, thanks for sharing. Well said Zeeny, I totally agree!

Bug said...

That is so great!!! I wish Dylan still believed in Santa, but he's just too much of a realist! I just can't convince him....Oh well, I still have Bethani to trick -HAHAHAHAHAAHAA!!!!!!

guinevere said...

We BELIEVE!!! That's a great story. I love the Christmas season.

EstesSBTAK said...

What smart boys you have... Santa is real!