Thursday, November 29, 2007

We've Been Cowed!

I kept forgetting to get the boys their flu shot. Last night J said he got the nose mist at work and that the base had a set up that you just show up to get your vaccination.

So today I surprised R by picking him up early at school. Both boys were not too excited to get a shot. Then L says, "Are we gonna get cowed?" It was so funny and cool that he remembered what that was.

I read to the boys about the scientist who invented smallpox vaccines from cowpox on the way to ID last week. We learned that the word "Vacca" means "Cow", and so when you are vaccinated you are being cowed! L remembered and said he didn't want to be cowed when we got there!

We totally lucked out...we walked in filled the paper out, walked up to a nurse who gave us each the mist instead of the shot, hooray for sniff-mist! The boys were pretty relieved. It was a very easy day to get "bovinated"!

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guinevere said...

I love that you and your boys love to read soooo much. I've always admired that about you. So many'll be a great teacher someday!!