Thursday, November 1, 2007

And the Results Are...

I'm totally excited about what I'm about to tell you...My grades are in!
In Criminology I got 248/250 on my final project, and my final grade is 99%
My instructor told me that this was one of the highest scores she has ever given out.
For Math I got 243/250 on my final project, and my final grade is 92%
My instructor told me I did superb on the final test.
My GPA is 3.97 (was a 4.0, but that is OK!) I am just so amazed that I passed math with an A!
I feel great right now!


zeeny said...

Great job! It's always nice being done with school...good grades just make it better!

Lallie said...

Congrats! I bet it is tought to be a student and a full time mother... I can barely handle the full time mother part!

EstesSBTAK said...

Super Congrats! Way to go! What are you going to do to celebrate?! Have fun!

Bugginator said...

Awesome! You go girl!!!

Renae said...

YIPPEE!! I bet you feel like one smart cookie! :o) If only you could have done this well in Mr. Dirks Geometry class, huh? I think I passed his class with a C. Congrats!