Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Love Them More Each Day!

Here is a bit of R:
I was organizing and moving their rooms around and I had gotten R's all clean and done, L's was still in chaos. The boys also leave their lights on even after we get all over them to turn them off when leaving a room. One day J calls R over and says what's wrong with this (referring to R's light was on and L's was off) R looks at both rooms and says, "Well L's room is pretty messy"
Another day- Mom I can't do this homework or it will give me the stress!
-How do you know? is R's most frequent q to me --referring to me catching him sneak candy, toys, "hiding", He is absolutely baffled that I know what he is up to!
-R said he was "stuffed" after a "yucky" dinner one night. J asked him if he wanted some ice cream, R pauses and says, "No, I'm stuffed remember?" He said this because J will ask the boys if they want something yummy and when they say yes, he'll say Then you have room for your dinner. I called R on it and he smiled admitted he just didn't like dinner and would rather go hungry than eat it!
-I heard him tell a friend that when we had mice in the house he had taken a handful of cereal and put it in his heater vent to see what would happen and the next day mice came and ate it all! Here I was wondering why mice would be in his vent...

Here is some of L:
"I don't like Potatoes" This means pineapple, tomatoes, cabbage, bell peppers, onions etc..
-I asked L if he was going to ask his Daddy for a new transformer toy one day, he says "no, I'll just ask Jesus!"
-I heard him tell a boy he didn't like "If your mean to me Jesus and I won't love you anymore", We had to have a little talk after that one.
-He told me after primary all sad faced "Mom I'm not a visitor" Every Sunday he had been getting up with the b-day kids and visitors to be sung to and get a sticker, but now they make him sit in his seat.
-"Mom my leg hurts, I fink I need a walking stick" No you don't "Yes!!" No "Yes!" No... "Will you carry me?"
-My tummy/neck hurts!--This means I don't want to eat/clean up/go to bed/listen to you.
-L you need to go to bed, "I can't! I'm too tired to go to bed!"
-"Mom I forgot to give me my undies and now my pants are fallin off!"

These boys make me smile Every day, even when they are being so "sneaky" and whiny! They are total opposites but love each other so much. R told me this morning that his prayer was almost all about being thankful, and that he was thankful for L. I was surprised since they had just had a fight before I sent them off to say personal prayers! What great kids...

This is a pic of them a few years back, I just love it!


Lallie said...

Your boys are cute! I still can't believe how big L is...

Renae said...

I'm looking forward to when William does and says all those funny things. The things that you just have to laugh about...even if it makes you mad!

Diana said...

These are so great. I miss all of you guys.