Monday, November 19, 2007

To The Future!

Last night L told us what he plans on being when he grows up. Out of the blue he jumped on our bed sat between J and I with arms out wide proclaims, "I'm gonna be a Dad and a Grandpa when I grow up!" and does this funny little dance.

It was just so funny, J and I laughed so hard, L is such a ball of fun!

If you ask R what he'll be all grown up, he is going to be a Scientist that engineers real Pokemon, he dreams big ;-)


EstesSBTAK said...

Thats too cute. That is exactly what Aiden tells me all the time. Cute boys think alike I guess!

Lallie said...

What handsome boys... Such a great picture - are you using it for Christmas cards this year?

Bonster said...

It's actually from Dec. 2005! But they still look so much like this, its crazy! This is one of my fave of them. I don't know what I'm doing for cards yet...I may just be lazy, or get creative, I have to see how the month goes ;-)