Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Favorites!

1. Sew! This week I have learned how to make quilt blocks. I've always wanted to sew them before, but was always intimidated by it. There is a family quilt being made and everyone had to contribute, so I made 6. I found 'Quilt Blocks' by JoAnn's. They had precut fabric and step by step instructions. J and I used the precut fabric as templates for our material and then I sewed them up. It worked! I was so surprised and pretty happy...maybe sewing isn't so bad.

2. Books on CD! I love children's books on cd. In the car we are listening to Geronimo Stilton books 1-3. L has been listening to Junie B. Jones books 1-8 at night in his room. Other favorites are the Laura Ingalls Wilder books on CD.

3. Dry Erase! We have a white board that L uses everyday. He draws pictures and writes notes all the time. He was having a bad day so I surprised him with a dry erase marker pack that had 8 different colors, he was so happy!

4. Quarters! The boys Love little quarter machines. I think I could get them to do anything with the promise of quarters for the quarter machine! Last night I took them to our local pizza place because they have video and toy machines. The car race was a hit and the favorite toy was 'Mystic Stones'. Its colored rocks with a paper showing where the rocks were found on the earth and a 'special' power each rock has.

5. Star Trek!
J bought our 1st Blue ray movie, it was the new Star Trek. We both liked it and thought it was a pretty good movie. Blue ray is pretty cool too!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day Late...But Still My Favorite!

Yesterday was a busy day with volunteering in R's class and running errands, followed by dinner and a movie with some great friends!

So here's my Friday Favorites:

1. Word Wall Window!I took L's High Frequency words and created a Word Wall Window for him. We created a game to play with it. You roll a dice and the number you roll is the number of words you read out loud.

2. Harvest Helpers!This year I grew black and pinto beans. I dried them in their pods to harvest them. I actually hung them in the computer room (which totally thrilled J), it'll be nice to have them in jars now. The boys are helping me shell all the beans, what great helpers!

3. 4.0!I received my official term grades, both 96%! That means I officially have a 4.0 for the term, hooray! I wish I had a 4.0 for everything but I don't, I have a cumulative GPA of 3.74 and 44 credits with Kaplan University.

4. Light!J put up a motion light where our new sidewalk is, love it!

5. V!I watched the pilot on ABC last week and like it. So I read the new paperback that's out and liked it. I found the Second Generation V book yesterday at the library, I'm hoping its just as entertaining.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I received my grades for my last 2 classes...A's!
I got a 96% in both classes!

In 1 week I start my next 2 classes, they are:

~Business Law
~Social Science (Studying the 1960's)

I'm curious to see how they are. I just got my Business Law text book last night and am waiting on the social one. I'm a bit over 1/2 way done. After these classes I'll have 8 more.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We found out last week that R is reading at a high school level. Hooray for R!

This does pose a difficulty for us since he is just a 10yr old boy. We still want him to be challenged and find interesting books to read.
The reading level he is at has books that may contain inappropriate material for him. So we were asking ourselves how to keep him supplied with interesting books that he can read without making him grow up too fast?
Today I stopped in at our towns library and presented the librarian with my dilemma of R's age and level. She was So Helpful! We found a few books in the juvenile section and the adult section. We skipped the teen section since it is mainly stories of teenage angst and R doesn't need that!

She sent me home with:

My Side of the Mountain Trilogy by Jean Craighead George
The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas
The Magickers by Emily Drake
Dragon Rider by Cornelia Funke
Exile's Honor by Mercedes Lackey

She said to come back with what he liked and didn't like and she'll help me find more books for him. He reads so fast and zips right through books, I'm hoping these books will be the interesting and fun for him.

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Friday L got to dress up for his classroom. He was all lined up to be a skeleton for Halloween, however, he wanted to be a vampire/dracula for his class. He had a great time!Friday night was the church trunk-o-treat party. We painted R's face for his Werewolf costume. I was Bella...all night I was hanging with a werewolf and a vampire! :-)
Saturday L had a soccer game, he made a goal, played some great defense, and they won! His coach treated them with Halloween goodie bags and cupcakes!
J has been working on the front sidewalk, deck, and he spent the day finishing my front steps, I love them!Next on the list is our flowerbed.

We had a 'pumpkin' pizza before we headed out.
We met up with some friends and went trick-or-treating. R wore his mask to his Werewolf and L wore his bone suit.

We hit 2 different neighborhoods, the boys scored some great candy and we even got to walk through a block party. There was a screen put up with Micheal Jackson's Thriller playing and a group of 'zombies' group dancing to it! So fun!