Saturday, May 28, 2011

I'm So Excited!

J is home from his last deployment! We have survived our sea-duty station for the past 5 years and it is so exciting to know that for the next 3 years he doesn't have to go anywhere!

Monday, May 9, 2011

One of Those Awesome Days!

I had the Best day with my boys at the Zoo over the weekend!
The zoo, about 1.5hrs away, has a new dinosaur exhibit with about 7 robotic large dinosaurs outside. The boys thought it was very cool, especially the one that spit water on you!
We had a great day walking around for over 3hrs seeing tons of animals, having a ridiculously priced lunch, and even splurging on a treat: candy apple for R, giant sucker for L, and a double chocolate muffin for me. Delicious!
We ended our day with dinner at a Family Pancake House. I love how funny R and L are, their goofy faces, smart-alec remarks, smiles, and laughter. I love being their Mom!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

11/2006 - 5/2011

This week I finished my Bachelors in Business Administration HR!

I started college November 2006 with University of Phoenix and earned my AA in Paraprofessional education. I then finished up my BS in business with Kaplan University. Both were completed from home with online courses.

Now what?
Well, this summer I am going to fully enjoy being a stay-at-home Mom to my boys. I hope to find employment this fall when the boys start school again.

The boys are really funny and they say that they are 50-50 about me going to work. They don't like the idea that I might have to be somewhere that is not our home. L says it will be weird if I'm not home because I'm always home. But then they really like the idea of me making money!
I have a wonderful husband who will support me in anything that I do---and always has.

I'm relieved that its done, excited that I don't have weekly assignments anymore, horrified at the idea of paying student loans, nervous about whats in the future. This signals a new chapter in my life.
The past 4 years I have been working towards this goal and now I've accomplished it. This goal was so that I could eventually begin some type of career because the boys won't stay young forever. A part of me is sad that life is evolving because its proof that my job as SAHM to my 'little boys' is changing and will never be the same.

No matter what these degrees bring me I am grateful to Heavenly Father for blessing me with my dream job as a SAHM and for the blessings of an education. I know he will help me as I transition into the new adventures waiting for me and my family.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Springtime 2011

J's early birthday present:Thor is a Mini Schnauzer and 3.5 months old. Full on feisty and a big hit with the family. Today he got his first real haircut and a collar complete with spikes. L has trained Thor to sit by him while he eats his breakfast.It is super cute and so funny how the puppy will just sit there while L eats. He doesn't even try to snag L's food.

This is L's first year in baseball.He was very nervous for his first game and told me that he hoped he didn't have to go to bat because he was afraid of striking out. Too bad for him he's so good at hitting! He's had 3 games and hits every time he goes to bat. He is having a blast and really enjoys being catcher.

I changed the box garden around and have planted tomatoes and peppers. L and I went flower pot crazy. He is super cute when it comes to gardening, he helped me pick out the different flowers and we planted everything together. I loved it!