Sunday, January 31, 2010


Don't you love it when your kids tell you the truth?

L: Mom tomorrow can we have McDonalds for breakfast before the zoo?
Me: Yes, if your good.
L: Oh...wait, like good tomorrow, or, good tonight And tomorrow?
Me: Good tonight and tomorrow!

Groan, roll of the eyes, flop on the couch...

L: But I can't be good that long, its too hard!
Me: Why is it too hard?
L: I might do something bad tonight.
Me: Like what?
L: I might kick R's butt!

I couldn't help it, I just cracked up! I did tell him that he was just going to have to try hard and be good to get his special breakfast. So far he's doing the impossible and has Not kicked his brothers butt!


I love the Funhouse album by Pink
One of my favorite songs on it is 'Glitter in the Air'
Pink performed this at tonight's Grammy's
I think she did a pretty cool performance!


I finished up business law and social science-interdisciplinary approach to the 1960's last week.
I received my grade rather quickly from the social science class: 100% A+
I have done this one other time in my college career, it feels pretty good to pass a class without any deductions!
It took awhile for my other professor to finish up all her grading.
For Business Law I received: A-

I was a little apprehensive about my business class, for so long it looked as though I wouldn't break my B I had in there. I write well, however, I have some difficulties taking tests. There were weekly tests and the final was one giant test. I pulled through and am very happy with my A-!

So now my quarter GPA is: 3.85
I have earned 56 cumulative credits and my cumulative GPA is: 3.76
I am very happy with these numbers!

I have treated myself to a break. I am taking just over 2 months off from school. This is helping me tremendously while J is out on deployment.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


When J is deployed I try to stay on track with normal life. I also love to do fun things with the boys. J says he wants us to have fun while he's away so we won't get too sad (he's an awesome man!) I also tell the boys we have to have fun and do cool things so we have great interesting things to tell Daddy when he gets back!

One thing I do more when J is away than when he's home is take the boys to the movies. The boys seem to enjoy this activity almost as much as I do :-)
We have seen The Spy Next Door and The Tooth Fairy.
Both had some very funny parts, and while watching we stuffed ourselves with popcorn, candy, and soda.
Each boy had their favorites from the movies that they think their Dad will like when he gets home. I have to say that they both do very well with deployments. I love how understanding and loving they are and that they can be open minded during these times. I love my family!

Friday, January 22, 2010


January is flying by! This month has been full of a few sickies, playtime, baseball practice, homework, rain, and projects!
I have been terrible about taking pics, but here is a few I managed to get. The boys playing with Christmas clay and making a SpongeBob underwater replica, L playing spy/ninja outside and keeping us safe from bad guys, and my first attempt at making a 'fancy' cake for my best friend for her birthday.