Thursday, January 29, 2009

A visit, Where the wild things are, Urban legend...

My Mom is on a business trip not too far from us this week and yesterday we got to hang out!
We did a little shopping and then ate at a fun restaurant called 'The Rain Forest Cafe'.
The boys LOVED that place! It was a real jungle in there with gorilla animaltronics and desert was a volcano! Brownie w/ice cream, whipped cream and a sparkler on top!

Mom captured a rare moment in the jungle...Now everyone will know that the 4 of us really do exist, we are NOT an urban legend, we really are a family and now I have documentation as proof! She got a family picture of me, J, and the boys all together!

For a few lame reasons there are very few pics of the 4 of us all posed together. Some day I'll have a family portrait of us, you know the kind, where its just about perfect and we all match and it's framed and on my wall. But that's not this pose, not that picture. However, it is all 4 of us and being all together feels pretty perfect!

So, here we are:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Couple of Freaks!

The other day J and I were hangin' out when he looks over and says, "We're a couple of Freaks Bonster..." I say oh-yeah?! He says, "Yeah, think about it, we're still married and we actually like each other!"

That was just the funniest, and most romantic thing ever; he still knows how to sweet talk me!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Favorites!

It's been a long time since I've done a Friday Favorites! Well, I think it's because I was out of school, then the holidays...Now life has become more structured again, it was like I had a summer break during the winter!

Anyway, here's this weeks favorites:

1. Basketball: R is in basketball and he is rockin' it! We have introduced him to Tae Kwan Do and he hated it. Next was soccer, he REALLY hated it! The past 2 yrs he was in baseball. He did pretty good, but he got so bored, but I can't blame him, baseball puts me to sleep like golf does. I told him this was the last year I'd make him try a sport.
*side note- We told R he had to try at least one sport a year and that he had to try scouts for a few years, to see what he likes and to learn new skills. We told him piano is not an option he HAS to learn that :-) however, this was the last year we were making him play a sport, after this year it was entirely up to him*
Anyway, basketball was the very last sport and he wasn't that enthused. Well, I'm glad I introduced him to it! He is LOVING it! For the last practice he was actually ready 2 hours before it started! So funny! He told me this was his sport and he wants to play every year. It's so fun to see him play, and its so fun to see him find things that he likes. I just love that boy!

2. Belgium waffle maker - I got a cheep 10$ Belgium waffle maker at Walmart and it was the best investment ever! J has been making up big batches of batter and making homemade 'eggo' waffles for the boys and freezing them. R loves it because he can make his own breakfast in the morning. I love it for the same reason!

3. My college Fitness class - I'm in 'Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness' I was wondering how it would work; I thought it would be all about workout techniques. Well, its so much more than that. It is the perfect combination of psychology and fitness for me! This weeks syllabus focuses on Behavior Change. When I told J about it he said, "Hey that's perfect for us!" The 2 of us are focusing on our health lately. I completed a project that was actually a Personal Contract. I'm using this to help me set very specific goals in relation to my fitness and diet levels. This idea can actually be incorporated into any behavior changes a person would want to make. Sometimes I sure love going to school!

4. Chocolate Health - I have always had a hard time taking vitamins. Well, I've found these chocolate chews that are vitamins and I love them!

5. Microsoft Outlook - I've never used this feature before. But I somehow set it up on my laptop! I really like it since I've been using the calendar feature, I have become so organized with it. I've even added a 'summary' to each day for my journal of the days happenings, that's huge for me!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rock It!

I have a new friend and his name is Mr. Bones!
J just got me this gorgeous new guitar. I found it on Craigslist from some teen that lost interest in it for a deal.
SO that means the new thing I will be learning this year is how to make some pleasing sounds on this thing!
I told J that I needed a boys name for it and since it has white on it I said "Mr. Bones". Then later I said, "OK I'm gonna practice on my new guitar some more" Then R said, "Uh, don't you mean Mr. Bones!" So the name stuck.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's That Time Again!

Here I go...I'm a full time college student again!
I have enrolled with Kaplan University and this week I have started my BS in Psychology with a minor in Child Development.

My first 2 classes are:
~Current Trends in Exercise and Fitness

I have to admit that Statistics does make me pretty's a crazy class to start with after my nice break! But it will be good to get it out of the way. I'm liking my Fitness class, but as I was printing my syllabus out I have noticed that it will be more work that I first anticipated, but that's OK!

It feels good to be back in class and I look forward to learning from my new college!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Fun Day!

Our good friends 'Blue' and 'Diggit', JRod, his sis M, and I went to the city for a Fun day out!

We rode a ferry in, walked thru Pike Place market, then a very short visit at the Science Center before making our reservation at Sky City Restaurant at the Space Needle. It was a blast! We had a 3 course brunch while enjoying the 360* view from the Needle.
I really enjoyed hanging out with such good friends, and especially spending the day w/my JRod!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

It's a New Year!

Happy New year! Wow, 2009, that's crazy cool!

Graphics & Myspace layouts

We spent New years Eve at J's sister's. It was fun, we had pizza, snacks, and games (no I didn't win any, oh-the shame!). We rang in the New Year watching the fire works on TV and the kiddo-s got confetti poppers which they loved. It was a fun night!

2008 was a great year, I think I accomplished and experienced a lot, here's a small recap of my year:

*Earned a college degree
*Filled my callings in Young Women's and Girls Camp
*Learned how to play soccer
*Successfully passed 3 deployments
*Lost weight, gained weight, lost it, gained it, and then lost it again
*Survived my baby going to Kindergarten
*Went on a few trips
*Enjoyed both boys in sports and extra curricular activities
*Went thru a few different hair colors and lengths
*Got new furniture, car, and truck
*My BFF moved here
*Enjoyed countless moments w/J and the boys
*Been incredibly blessed
*Gained more faith and a stronger testimony

Now here's an attempt at this year's New Year's Resolution for myself:

1. Laugh More
2. Love More
3. Cut Loose More
4. Try to be on time more
5. Keep rockin it in College
6. Keep up w/my Workouts
7. Hold FHE more regularly
8. Spend lots of time w/my Boys and my J
9. Learn something new outside of College

I think 9 items is a good number since it's 2009! I know some of these things are objective, but at the same time important to me...I'm not sure what my learn something new will be, I have a few ideas:

~Really work on learning how to converse in Sign Language, I know some but not enough to actually hold a conversation with it...
~Maybe learn how to play the guitar since I'm absolutely ADDICTED to guitar hero, its just the coolest game ever (oops, I mean rockin'-est game ever!)...
~Or learn how to sew for real, but I seriously doubt that will happen this year since I'd rather poke out my eyeballs...
~Or learn to knit but that is unlikely as well since it's so close to sewing that I may end up being blinded by my attempts to better myself...
~Or my something new could be something I haven't stumbled across yet, I've got a whole year to learn whatever it is I'm gonna learn, so we'll see!