Monday, March 29, 2010

March Pics!

R's team made the championships and placed 2nd, way to go!

No one was injured during this accident...we are still waiting for the insurance to figure out whats going to happen. This happened a few days after we paid it off, luckily we still had it under full-coverage!
The blanket that I made J from his older brothers Levi's and flannel shirts. I gave it to him for Christmas and he took it underway with him. I've never quilted before and I'm so glad it turned out! The backing is a micro-fleece blanket, so soft!

We are still getting eggs daily from our chickens. Our neighbors dog had a 3 chicken feast a few months back and a few weeks ago he brought these babies over, so cute! Not pictured are 2 baby turkeys that J brought home last week, the boys have named them Turkey Sandwich and Fred.

Awesome J rented an excavator and pulled out some stumps, trees, and bushes from the back woods. One stump was ridiculously huge and took forever to get out of the woods!

Friday, March 12, 2010


So I made him a get well/gag cake! Its a giant nose, a 'bloody tissue' made from fondant, with 'Cus Your Nose Blows' written on the board.

It is a white cake, butter cream frosting, and vanilla flavored fondant. I really like the butter cream recipe I found. The fondant recipe is easy to make and tasty, but difficult to manage. So I'm on the search for a different one.

This was a fun cake to make. L wished I made a cake finder to go in the nose cake, and J said the bloody tissue was too realistic for him, totally made me laugh!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Whole New World!

It feels like all of a sudden its a whole new world...
It's not really, but there are some changes, the biggest being that J is home from deployment! We love, love, love having him home!

~L no longer tries to get out of going to school in the morning
~The daily email writing and checking is no more
~Some pesky little things in the house like the broken deadbolt lock is fixed
~The potholes in the road are filled
~The boys are back to riding their dirt bikes
~I can call J on his way home from work to have him pick something up like milk
~BBQ time is back
~Movie night is back
~Boys have a real wrestling contender
~Complete family prayer
~Home project planning has begun
~Sitting in the passenger side of the car
~I get a lot more texts and calls on my cell phone
~Family dinner is more than just what the boys want
~Outnumbered no longer... # of adults = # of children
~Just knowing that I don't have to do everything on my own is a big stress relief!

I am very thankful for J and all he does for me and our family. Life is very different when he is away. Home is so complete when he is back and I feel truly blessed!