Friday, March 12, 2010


So I made him a get well/gag cake! Its a giant nose, a 'bloody tissue' made from fondant, with 'Cus Your Nose Blows' written on the board.

It is a white cake, butter cream frosting, and vanilla flavored fondant. I really like the butter cream recipe I found. The fondant recipe is easy to make and tasty, but difficult to manage. So I'm on the search for a different one.

This was a fun cake to make. L wished I made a cake finder to go in the nose cake, and J said the bloody tissue was too realistic for him, totally made me laugh!


The Peine Family said...

What a funny idea! We're glad to hear J is back, too!

Proud Mommy said...

Chris took one look at your cake, and wished that you could make him a wofl or harley one for his B-day next month. He thinks your rockin'! I SOO wish you could make a little monkey one for Caleb. He is my little monkey boy!