Thursday, August 30, 2007

I think I need an asprin

I now know what would make me a millionaire! Brain band-aids! I have been working on week one math homework for hours and I'm not even done with my assignment yet. Here is a little quote out of my mathbook, "You are expected to do 2 or 3 hours of homework for each weekly class hour. This means 2 or 3 hours of homework per night." I laughed right out loud after reading that, then maybe a little panic set in. Who knew I had that kind of time?! Or even that kind of brain power?!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Berry Nice!

We may be the only spot in WA that does not have blackberry bushes! We got lucky, on our walking route we have found 3 "hot" spots and today we are rolling in the berries, YUM!

Going to go back and get more, hopefully I can make some jam with my new found berry wealth...we'll see

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Low-Down

J- Made 1st class before his 4 yr. mark. Bought himself a Honda Sabre, so now gets to go on bike rides with the guys! Loving any time off he gets, in his free time he is landscaping/clearing the property, building cedar benches, fishing, and hanging with the boys. He is now the 10-11yr old boys Sunday teacher.
B-Still holding a 4.0 GPA in college, just started math and criminology classes this week, (For those who don't know, I am a full-time student at U.of Phoenix online to become a teacher), Started teaching aerobics at church every Tue. night with the ladies, trying to have as much fun with the boys as possible, they are growing up way too fast! I am the teacher/advisor in YW, and Ward Girls Camp Specialist.
R- Finished reading the Harry Potter's, and is now breaking in his new Nintendo DS, he is getting ready to be baptised next month and he totally can't wait! He has learned the values of having extra chores this year, caring for the dog Bud, and working outside with the property. He "discussed" with us how responsible his is and is now getting an allowance of 3$ a week. He is the best help with his bro when I'm up to my ears in homework, helps me plan the day outings and makes sure I am teaching Luke his preschool stuff! He starts 3rd grade in a week. He is so funny and just a happy go lucky kid! (he just wants to grow up way too fast!)
L-Is truly the busiest kid ever! He is ever so curious about the Holy Ghost and Jesus now, always asking me about them. He loves the outdoors and his dog. If only I could tan like him! He is our do-it-yourselfer and never thinks to ask, just goes-and-dos. He is getting into books, wants big bro, Mom, or Dad to read and then read some more. Being 4 is so fun for him, it has been so fun watching him grow this year! He is a kid who loves to laugh and ham it up! He wants to be just like the big boys and is pretty good at keeping up.

We all have discovered the joy of owning land and trying to tame it, adjusting to an ever changing work schedule, learning to take turns helping out each other when the days get full, meeting new people and new friends, and getting to hang with family more and more. We have truly been blessed.

Summer Highlights

This summer has flown by!

There has been college, girls camp, J's job, cousins, day trips, friends, land clearing, and birthday parties.
The best parts were just being with the boys!
The other day R said he just could believe that summer was over and school was starting, and I just had to agree.

Brand New

Never done anything like this, but thought is was a really neat idea. This is an easy way to say hi, compile memories, and stay linked to people!
We are the Peine's, J, B, R, and L!