Thursday, August 30, 2007

I think I need an asprin

I now know what would make me a millionaire! Brain band-aids! I have been working on week one math homework for hours and I'm not even done with my assignment yet. Here is a little quote out of my mathbook, "You are expected to do 2 or 3 hours of homework for each weekly class hour. This means 2 or 3 hours of homework per night." I laughed right out loud after reading that, then maybe a little panic set in. Who knew I had that kind of time?! Or even that kind of brain power?!


zippy said...

If anyone can do it, YOU can so keep up the good work!! Miss you like crazy!

EstesSBTAK said...

You can do it.. I just know you would be a great teacher!! Good luck!

zeeny said...

What are you going to school for? I am sure whatever it is you will do great!