Monday, November 26, 2007

A Great Week!

I just can't believe Thanksgiving is over! It was a great crazy week, here are some of the highlights:

-Got most of my homework done on Wed, then got my essay done late Sun night, but all turned in!
-New shoes for me, new coat for R
-J and I cleaned the house top to bottom
-The drive to and from ID was perfect
-We had turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, apple salad, rolls, cranberry sauce, veggie platter, cauliflower with cheese, GB casserole, pumpkin roll, sour cream lemon pie, pumpkin pie, cream cheese brownie pie--it was all delicious!
-L and R got haircuts from AuntM, L (as always) was excited to get his cut, but then had an identity crisis and melt down because he "didn't look the same anymore!"
-R's terrible looking black eye from Mutual right before we left, he looked like a rough-punk all week!
-Black Friday shopping, went all day, got good deals, then vegged on the couch and ate leftovers! -J and Dad getting the sheet rock up around the windows.
-Cousin H playing with my boys, they had a great time with her!
-Going to Walmart, L see's a giant Bratz doll display and says, "Hey R wants that!" R falls right for it and says, "NO I don't!" L smiles and says, "Yes you do!"
-Visiting the giant Cabela's store
-L wanting a pocket knife from AuntM, she says he needs to wait til he's at least 8, R says, "yeah, you need to be trustworthy L" then J says, "Yeah L, and right now you look a little shifty"
-Our friends taking care of the dog Buddy
-Grandpa and Grandma giving us all that hamburger, Thank You!
-R learning how to play Apples-To-Apples, and L learning how to play (mostly) Uno
-Movies, movies, movies
-Practically broke my neck, L kicking me at night in the guest room didn't help!
-It was chilly, but no snow which felt a little weird for ID

It was a wonderful Thanksgiving week! Now it's time to bring on Christmas!


Lallie said...

What a fun Thanksgiving! I am ready for more holidays ~ and the yummy foods that go along with it!

Renae said...

Wow! You had a jam-packed 5 days! I started laughing when I read what L said to R about Bratz. So funny! It's usually the older on picking on the younger one...but not that time! You went to Cabela's? We went there the day they opened. Crazy busy! It's like a museum in there! Did the boys like it? I'm bummed we couldn't meet up, but next time we'll have to!