Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Favorites!

Helloooo Friday!

1. When School's Out! - Yesterday was R's last day, he is free for the summer! HOORAY!! I just LOVE it when school is over and I get to see him all the time! We are gonna have a rockin' good time this summer!

2. Medicine - I save medicine if I have any extra left over when done being sick. Good thing for J that I do that! In NY he had a Terrible case of food poisoning and he was given some meds to help w/the nausea, I saved all the leftover pills. Well he was pretty sick the other day and I pulled out those pills and it Really helped him. I was So thankful I had them!

3. Passage To Zarahemla - I heard about this movie on another blog and so rented it from Blockbuster-online. L was a little bored w/it, but R really liked it, I did too. There was some neat parts to it, some cute parts, and enough action parts to keep R interested!

4. Book of Mormon Reading Challenge - Our Bishop has challenged us to read the Book of Mormon in 60 days (4 chapters a day), we start Sunday! I'm excited to take up this challenge, especially with the boys!

5. Bikes - The boys ride their bikes everyday, it is so cute, even the neighbor kids come out and they zip up and down our road. L had gotten really good and I can now walk on our main paved road with him on his bike. He actually has to wait for me now! I told the boys we can go on bike rides everyday this summer if they want (well I'll walk they'll ride) and they are pretty excited for that!


Lallie said...

I am concerned about what to do when all my kids are home... I'm afraid they will drive me nuts!

Thomas Family said...

Sweet, does it not start until this Sunday for the BOM challenge? I thought I missed the boat!

Anonymous said...

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