Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Here's to over 8 years of being an Awesome Dad:
1. J was always great about changing diapers!
2. J spoils the boys with super fun toys since day one!
3. J reads great bedtime stories and is the best snuggler!
3. J is the best wrestler a boy could ever ask for!
4. J is the best homework helper, he never gets frustrated and always has the answer!
5. J bought property so his boys can play and work outside and get to love the land!
5. J takes the boys fishing!
6. J always lets the boys "help" when he's working outside!
7. J makes the best deserts and dinners with the boys' help!
8. J works hard so his boys always have a Mom at home!

Happy Fathers Day J, we LOVE you!

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