Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Our wonderful L

L is the funnest 4 year old ever!

His Likes:
Games, games and more games (Nintendo, X-box, or DS) likes them more than YV
Water, the beach, sprinkler, pool, bathtime
Books, coloring, drawing, painting, play-doh
The color Red
Anything with sugar!
Climbing trees, digging, hiking in the woods, getting as dirty as possible
Helping Dad with anything!
Keeping up with the big boys
Chewbaca the Wookie
Toys, toys and more toys!
Music-all kinds
The zoo
Eating out and going to the movies
Buddy the giant dog in the back yard
His dislikes are:
Any kisses, all kisses are unathorized!
Hugs from little girls
Any girl that isn't a baby
The color Pink
Primary (but will still go!)
When the fun stops!

We just love our L!!!

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