Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If I only had a...

There are times, I think, I have a mind that has a mind of its own! I woke yesterday, a completely normal day. Didn't have to watch the neighbor kids, no having to rush around. What a nice morning. Some guys came over and washed the house (they are painting it today, light brown on dark brown) and L and I hung out. I learned how to put the music on my blog, so fun! Then went to the dentist for my cleaning. The whole a.m. I knew that it was Tue. and that means homework for both classes, church by 5:30pm for aerobics, then scouts at 6:30 and I had a YW meeting at 8pm. Had a lovely relaxing day with L. I don't think my mind wanted it to end, so it rebelled and conveniently forgot all my responsibilities. I wasn't at all pleased with its attitude!

Now I blame R for having to start 3rd grade. Now he has his own schedule that I have to work around. After picking him up at the bus stop we came home, cleaned out the kid pool, had a snack, and hung out. I leisurely started my homework and J got home. What a nice day...
Then the ladies call me. I knew instantly I was in trouble when I saw the caller ID. It was almost 6pm! So I left the boys w/ J and ran to the church. I told J I would be home in just over an hour.
I was tongue tied and flustered, but managed to work them extra, either they will still hate me this morning, or be glad they got to know muscles they thought didn't exist! After our sweat fest I realized that I had my meeting (I had forgotten all about it!). So stayed for that, feeling so gross and sweaty! All the other leaders nice and dry, no BO, no pit stains, no red face and stringy hair! (they were nice, I only got teased a bit) Anyway, didn't get home til 9:30 after telling J I would be home just after 7. Oops... Then I had to finish my homework, finally hop in the shower and drift of to sleep just after 11pm.
Where was my nice family dinner, the get my homework in and veg out with J on the tv? it was nowhere! My alter-ego mind wanted that and tried to get it! But to no avail.
I'm hoping the next time my mind takes a minute to itself it will remember me!

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zippy said...

Days like that are tough, and ultimately no fun at all! Hope you and your mind will be able to reconcile your differences and get back on the same track here soon. : )