Friday, September 14, 2007

Turn it up!

R and L love music, but are both very picky! They don't always like the same thing either. As I have been creating a play list for the blog, and for when I'm doing homework I have been getting some feedback from the boys.
L absolutely LOVES "Wonderboy" and R loves "Me and My Gang". So far everyday they have made me play these songs for them. (along with, "Turn it way up Mom!")
If L is ever grumpy or sad all we have to do is belt out "Wonderboy, what is the secret of your power? Wonderboy, won't you please take me away from this mucky mucky world!" And he cheers right up
L also really likes the Elvis remix, and R likes Smallvilles Save Me. I just love it when they sing along!

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Lallie said...

You've got some great taste in music... I may have to add a few of yours to my own playlist!