Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Would You Do for Ice Cream?

R has a little lazy streak in him that was inherited from me. He is a smart kid, school has always been very easy for him, so when something comes up that has the least bit of hardness to it he is apt to give up.

Well, one thing that doesn't come easy to him is sports, but his all loving parents force (his word not mine!) him to play, first it was Tae Kwan Do, then Soccer, last year baseball, and baseball again this year. Well, he kept asking not go to games this month, but being the meanest parents that we are we made him go.

Well, yesterday J told him that he'd make a deal with him. He said that if R stayed "baseball ready" during the entire game, didn't' play in the dirt, kept his eye on the ball, and stayed alert during the whole game and we didn't have to tell him to pay attention then we'd go out for ice cream after the game. R asked if he'd still get ice cream if we had to tell him to pay attention, we said no way, plus none of us would get any either, it was all dependant on R!

Well, let me tell you, I did not know that R was such a good ball player! I knew he could hit, but he was catching and throwing like a pro! After the game we told him that if he played with that kind of attitude every time he'd have so much more fun. He told us that if he had something like ice cream to play for he'd play like that all the time!

If only we knew...we'd tempt him with ice cream years ago!


Holbrook's said...

I totally agree! Ice cream is a great motivator!!

EstesSBTAK said...

A yummy treat for a job well done... too fun!