Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Growing a Green Thumb!

L is no longer our little boy, he has declared that he is a big boy now that he is 5! So I told him that since he is 5 he has to do homework so he can be ready for Kindergarten this fall.

L - Homework is boring!
Me - Not all of it, and your a big boy now, you can do it!
L - ...OK...

So I have been having him do some homework the same time R does his homework in the afternoons, it is not a lot, but he has been doing really well with it. This morning I stepped it up, I had him do homework in the morning and made him do twice as much, then after lunch I taught him about seeds, how plants are different and how they develop. We planted 6 different kinds of flower seeds in little disposable pots and it was fun!
I'm hoping that he will develop a green thumb and take after his Dad and not me. I seem to kill just about anything that has roots!

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