Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Sigh, lost it again...

OK, so when I was younger I used to have this crazy temper. Then I got married and had kids and so I really tried to get rid of it, You know, keepin' it cool. Well, there has been a few times where I felt that familiar feeling of rage just boil up inside of me, But I have been pretty good at not blowing up.. I think anyway.
Well, I lost it a little yesterday.

It started last week at a very popular craft store, lets just say its Not Michael's, but the one with a woman's name that sends you coupons. All I ever hear is how great this store is, especially when there is a sale going on.
I am in charge of making about a million (ok, maybe a little less) beads for YW camp this year and some other crafty stuff for the girls in my church. So this store seemed the perfect place to get some stuff.

So last week I went there and they had a bunch of sales and clearance and I was getting a pretty good deal, I thought, until it came to check-out time. A 50cent pen was really 4.95$, it didn't matter that there was a tag on it or anything, fine don't want the pen I say.
Then the crafts were supposed to be 25% off, so the lady looks at it, looks at her computer, then proceeds to slowly flip through the weeks flyers and what seems a decade later says, "Oh, it's only for the prices of 1.99$ and up"
No where on the shelf does it say this, Fine I'll still take it. Behind me I hear a lady say, "This paper is supposed to be 40% off" So that cashier takes the paper to my cashier who then proceeds to slowly flip through the flyer again while I stand there trying to keep it under control. I saw the paper and the big tag that said 40% off, but oh-no for some reason it isn't on sale until next week!
Then I have some beads on clearance, the lady can't ring it up without help even though it clearly states the price right on it! So I say forget it I don't want them, pay my way out and try to not fume over it all day.

Well, yesterday I go to another one w/my sis-in-law. Again I'm getting stuff for camp. There are these really great things that were perfect all on this 1$ shelf by the cash registers. There are 3 big tags saying 50% off (I even looked for any fine print and there was none!). I think "Sweet!" and grab a ton of stuff.
I go to pay and it's ringing up full price. I say, "That is supposed to be 50% off" and point to the shelf with the big sale tags on it. So what does she do? Looks at me funny, looks at my stuff and her computer, then walks over to the shelves and looks around and sees that the tag clearly says 50% off, but then says, "Huh...I think it's only for this, huh, 4th of July thing" (some bows sitting with everything else)
I was so mad! So I yelled, "Forget it! I don't want any of it, this is so retarded! I can't believe it, I Hate this store! This is so stupid! The tags are right there! I am never coming here again!"
Then as everyone around me is looking at me in this shocked stare I storm out.

J just laughed when I got back to the car, he wasn't surprised at all, but did tell me to take it easy and cheer up.
I still hate that place.

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