Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cool Dawg!

J used to read Hank the Cowdog by John Erickson when he was just a lad. Now R, L, and I are enjoying that Hank too.

I found 'Hank and The Watermelon Patch Mystery' on CD We listened to it daily for at least a week! He is just a crack-up, that Hank!
So I got 'Hank and The Case of the Tricky Trap' We just started it and yesterday came to the funniest part in it where Hank gets car sick. I laughed so hard, anyone who's ever been sick will be able to relate to that poor mutt!

So if you want to hear an amusing tale listen to Hank, or read up on that Cool Dawg!

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Parri said...


Just wanted to let you know that we were missing you! I know life has been busy for you lately. Paije said you aren't playing this next season so hopefully next season we will see you again. I really enjoyed getting to know you and your soccer talent is definately missed. Family always comes first. Good luck with all your school stuff.