Monday, July 14, 2008

Vorcery, Date, Work, Heart Attack Hill!

The time at my Bro's house was just awesome!
J and I got there dropped the boys off and had a hard time not leaving rubber marks in their driveway as we zoomed off! We had a great time and the coolest thing was that we could be gone as long as we wanted 'cuz they were with S&M and we didn't have to take them home afterwards either!
The weather was crazy hot and we just loved it. The guys went to the Island to work a job on Sat. and M and I played w/the kido's and decided to work it. We jogged 2 miles and then attacked the hill 3 times and finished with some painful toning--so glad neither of us passed out, that would have been awkward!
Games is always so fun. We played a card game Rage, then played Taboo. Oh, I think games just get funnier as the time gets later! My favorite words said during the game were: Vorcery, and 'its a cat that copies itself'!
The food was even better than ever, how do you do that M?!?! The last day the kidos played in the sprinkler and we all melted a little. Right before we left we ran to the river and all cooled off before the hot ride home.

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