Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Times, Good Times!

Well, we all survived R's week at cub scout day camp, whew! Friday night we packed up a picnic and went to the family night they had. The boys did their cheers, got their certificates, and presented their skits, it was long, but the boys had fun. R has earned 3 more silver arrows his BB and Bow and Arrow belt loops, and the Leave No Trace badge, way to go R!(My R in orange shorts hiding behind his packs flag!)
(R and his best Bud S with their pack leader)
(R and his pack during their skit)

And on Friday we got an excavator dropped off at the house!! J said he thought it'd be bigger. When he was talking to the guy he told him what his plans were and the guy pointed outside and said "like one of those?" J saw the big yellow one and said yes, when in reality the guy was pointing to the little green one beside it! But J and his 2 work buddies had the time of their lives playing on that thing, and now we have about a million stumps piled up and some awesome trails blazed through our woods!(L loving the ride!)
(J showing R how to use the levers!)
(J shaking the dirt off the tree)
(The path of destruction!)
(The boys exploring a new trail!)

R, J, and J's friend went fishing at the lake near our house. R was the only one who caught a fish, they brought it home and put it in the pool! The boys tortured that fish swimming with it and making it do 'tricks'. Poor L was left out on this trip, but he didn't mind too much because to compensate he got to ride 1st on the tractor!

I started getting the house ready for a few guests that will be here on the 1st, my Momba and my Sis Jewel with her little boy C are coming for a visit!!! I am so looking forward to this! But here's my evil secret...J will be gone soon and miss a lot of my Momba's visit, but I'm not too sad about it...this will give me, my Momba, and my Sis all kinds of girl time! This may be the one deployment that I'm not dreading, what a wife I am huh?! But don't feel too bad for J, it is a very short deployment, and he won't feel too bad about missing a house full of estrogen!(L helping me clean up!)

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Holbrook's said...

So much fun! I love your pictures! I love seeing the NW landscape in the background! How I miss pine trees!! Have fun with your Mom and Sis!!