Monday, July 14, 2008

Camp P. Reunion and Beautiful Idaho!

All the cousins that came!(
There are more pics on a CD that CousinW put together but I haven't got them on my computer yet, these were the only 2 taken w/ my camera!)

Right after getting back from my Bro's J and I became a couple of crazy whirlwinds. We washed clothes, cleaned out the car, packed the car, he did some homework, and I did some homework. Then we slept a few hours and he jumped on his Sweet Motorcycle and I followed with the boys. We drove over in almost 100 degree heat with no AC in the car! At one rest area we had the boys run thru the sprinklers that were on in a little field! But we all survived and made it to beautiful Northern Idaho.
We were the first there for the reunion. We set up, swam it up, tended to J's toasty arms (happens when you ride in a t-shirt all across WA!) If I were him I'd have no skin left, but he just got a super dark tan.
The next day family rolled in, we all got camp right together. There was swimming, big meals, visits to town, late nights, the awesome boat with tubing skiing and wake boarding, and about 1 million kids! It was cousin central there at Camp P.!
The auction was fun, L and R won some great jars of candy, and somehow we left with a t-shirt that says "I Love Farting"--good one J...
The Auction ran a little long and so we missed the firework show we were planning to see and so I took my boys along with AuntMP and K to Walmart where the kido's got a little treat and we bought a box of fireworks that you don't light, the popits and the pull string kind. We set them all off in the parking lot, they all had fun and made a huge mess! (I cleaned most of it up!)
While there R had the worst allergies ever, it look like he was stung in the face, poor kid. I woke up early most of the mornings and got to go on walks down roads that have the most beautiful scenery, it was gorgeous.
My favorite moment was going down to the dock with my boys all on our own with a box of pop-tarts, juice, vanilla wafers, and soda and we sat out on the dock and had a little breakfast picnic, just the 3 of us. The sun was out, the water was smooth, and I just got to sit there chatting it up with my boys, could it get any better?

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Holbrook's said...

That sounds awesome!!!! I wish I could have been there to see all the P's together again! I miss you all and I miss camp P. I got to go there 2 summers ago and camp out and it reminded me that there are few places on earth that hold so many good memories for me!!