Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A New Year!

I like that the start of a new year brings the opportunity to create personal goals and grow as an individual. OK, the new year is when we can all think about our imperfections and know that your supposed to make new goals to be better or more accomplished, or awesomer.
I love making new goals, the idea is pleasing. I think that following through with goals is where I have difficulty.

This year I want to:

Finish my Bachelors in HR administration.
Get a job.
Become more organized.
Be more crafty.
Learn more; example-gardening, cooking, sewing, building, crafting, business, writing....etc. etc.
Keep on working on being healthy.
Read a lot of books.

I am pretty confident in some of these goals. Namely my degree and reading lots of books. I'm so ready to graduate and have 2 2/3 classes left. I am addicted to reading. I would like to convince all that I read really important stuff. I don't. I love to read funny things, sarcastic stories, fiction, fantasy, and science fiction. I love reading the stuff my 11 year old reads (but hey, he's reading at a senior in high school level as of last year) I enjoy 'fast reads', and I love big long books and series are my favorite.

Organization is very difficult. I think when anyone has a secret rebellious side it becomes nearly impossible to be very organized for any length of time.

We all know what working on healthy means.

Crafty is as crafty does. Just kidding. I get to be extra invested in crafts since my volunteer work with church and cub scouts gives me the perfect excuse to do so.

I love learning new things. I must be big headed in some context because I get very impatient when something does not come easily or quickly for me. Frustrated as in 'How dare this new thing defy my understanding'! I am thinking on learning more about writing and documentation. I have been writing material that I haven't really wanted to write about for the past 4 years. I have received positive feedback from my instructors for most of my work and have earned high grades for what I've written. I think I don't like it in that I have to write about a specified subject and am getting graded on it. Makes me want to do the opposite.

I am scared about getting a job. I have a great job but it won't pay off my student loans. I work pro bono. I have been giving back to society by raising 2 of its members in such a way that in the future they will contribute so much that we would all be lost without them. :-) I wish I could use their pictures as currency and send that to the bank.
I have not worked in a real establishment since I was a teen. Yikes! However, I am determined to stop freaking myself out and let the job hunt begin.

So a week late: Happy New Year! Here's to all of us becoming awesomer in 2011!

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