Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Favorites!

This Friday kicks of a 4-day weekend for our family! (I LOVE extended weekends, they are the best!)

1. Finals ~ I hate finals, but it is so wonderful when I've finished a class! I have 2 Blessed weeks off before I start my last 2 classes. I have 1 more management class and then a class about the development for school aged children.

2. Rockets ~

The boys shot off rockets with J last week, it was so fun! L's 1st launch had his rocket stuck in a tree. Dad came to the rescue and cut it out for him and he was able to relaunch it where it got lost somewhere on the neighbors property. R's did pretty good too and we still have it, so it can be relaunched when we get a new engine pack for it.

3. Blessings ~ Heavenly Father has blessed us so much in so any ways. We just got orders for J's new job. For a long time it looked like we'd be stationed back on the East coast, which is a great place. However, moving would be hard because of our house here, and I didn't want the boys to have to switch schools yet. Finally, when J had to pick, no extending, no more waiting for the next list, a position opened up. With all his hard work he qualified and was accepted! So now we have a few more years here. My heart is full and I am very grateful that Heavenly Father knows our little family so well, I feel very happy indeed.

4. Help ~ I have healed up very well since throwing out my back. However, it made me realize a few things. I hate asking for help, its ridiculous sometimes the way I avoid it. I have report cards from grade school that show my lowest grades are in the section "Asks for help when needs it". I remember even as a kid thinking, "Well that's just stupid, why would they grade me on that?". S, my 'part-time daughter' said, "Bonster, you have the perfect excuse to ask people to do things for you and you still refuse, why?!". After she said that I told her I'd work on it.Some Help I'm thankful for:
J: the time off he took to take care of me, the kids, the house that first week. All the practices and games he took over when it was still to hard to sit for long periods.
M: Taking me to the hospital, cleaning my house, making me a heating pad, helping me ease into working out, driving me around, making me laugh so hard I had to take another pain pill!
S: For helping me do all my grocery shopping; this 14yr old saint has followed me around grocery stores w/the cart, putting all the stuff in it for me, loading and unloading the car all with a smile, I love that kid!
L & R: For loving me extra and doing more chores at home.
Ladies at church: They have substituted teaching my Sunday school and Wolf cub scout classes.

5. To-Do ~ Spring is around the corner and I'm so excited for the changing of season! This weekend we are getting some of our To-Do List done. We have inside and outside work planned. I am most excited for the upgrades to the box garden and mini-makeovers to the boys' bedrooms!

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Holbrook's said...

My heart loves your blog!! I love your positive attitude! I also love the pics of your yard...can I come live with you?? I miss the pacific north west so much!! It is so green and mossy I love it!!