Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites!

It's been a long time since I've done a post like this! But I like doing it because it helps remind me of happy stuff in my life.

1. Volunteering! This year both boys are in school full-time. Yes, I cried like a baby the first few days, it totally sucked! But now that its been a while, I'm in the groove and I'm diggin it! I get to do most of my errands, chores, and homework while everyone is gone. The bonus is I can volunteer in their classes. I told their teachers I can go on every field trip and I've devoted every Friday to their school. I go help out L's class in the morning, and then R's class in the afternoon. I think they both like it too which makes me really happy!

2. Mums! Safeway had these HUGE mum plants for sale. I really wanted them but didn't buy them until I found out they are perennials. I have a hard time buying plants that are non-vegetable and annual since they die out. They now adorn our new front deck and I love seeing them when we drive up to the house!

3. The Middle! The new show on ABC is my new favorite sitcom to watch, it just makes me laugh!

4. Brown Eggs! Right now we get 6 - 8 brown eggs a day, they've slowed a bit, it used to be 7 - 9 a day. Needless to say, we have a lot of eggs! I send the boys out every day to get eggs from the little chicken house J built. I love seeing them walk in with their loot!

5. Crafts!< I love doing crafts in the fall season. Fall seems the time when you Have to do crafts, I don't get nearly as excited other times during the year. We got to make 2 crafts this month at church and it was fun hanging out with the ladies being crafty!


zeeny said...

Fun! Just a side note...the mums only come back if they are planted in the ground. I had some on my porch in a pot and kept them and they never regrew. I think it only works in the ground. Of course, I'm no expert, just my thoughts!

flyingsolo said...

Wonderful Bonnie...

Brenda Vernon said...

Glad to see that you are back on line. I love to keep up with you and the boys.

The Peine Family said...

Hey Bonnie, how many chickens do you have? Do you also have a rooster? Just wondering. We have 6 chickens and we have been getting one egg a day now that it's cold, but when it was summer, we got about 3-4 a day. What breed do you have? Sorry for the questions, we're just learning, since this is our first year doing chickens.

Bonster said...

We have 9 hens and 1 rooster. They are Road island and black sex link, and one other i can't remember. Some started laying sooner than others, and not all lay everyday. I find that when they have more food they lay more...they are pigs!
We save all of our non-meat scraps and give to them. Even our friend brings over any spoiled foods for the chickens. They also don't like 'scratch' food, but the egg-layer pellets. I've given them all my scraps from canning, from pumpkin carving, any tops or peelings from fruits and veggies from meal preps. We also moved their pen around and this gives them some bugs for a bit. We used to put in all our grass clippings in their pen and they'd eat that.
This is our 1st yr too, our winters aren't as cold as yours, its now our rainy season and we are waiting to see how they survive this winter. I heard if you put in a bright light they will lay more in the winter. So if you have a light on about 16hrs a day to replicate summer they may respond to it. You could try that, or even put in a heating lamp since it will be cold for you guys.
Good luck, they sure are fun huh?!