Friday, August 1, 2008

It's Been 10 Years Since...I got Married!

10 years ago J and I got married! I was 18 and he was 19 and we were married outside at his Dad's house in Idaho (Notice the tractor in the background!). The weather was so hot leading up, but on our wedding day it poured rain! So my curls didn't stay, but now when ever it rains it takes me back to that day.

How it started:
J and I don't really remember each other in High school, he was a grade above me. We also worked at McDonald's together at one time but we don't remember each other at work, but his sister and my friend do!
After my juvenile delinquent days I started to go back to church, that is when I first noticed that Idaho boy. But he didn't talk to me, I guess that was a way to get my attention! We all hung out with the same people, but there was nothing special between us except for me not sure how to act around him. I started crushing on a boy at school and was determined to get this other boy to notice me. So for homecoming dance I got a new dress w/matching earrings and shoes-I was serious!
J's sister called the day of homecoming and told me that the church harvest dance started a bit before the school dance did and I should stop by. So I did, all dressed up and not planning to stay. I was up on the stage waiting to tell the DJ about a song. J comes running up, stops right in front of me, takes a good look and says, "You look awesome!" I was a goner from that moment on... All thoughts of that other boy were out of my head, he was too late.
I dance with J all night and then we started dating. The day after Valentine's day on a weekend off from roofing in California he asked me to marry him--"I'm coming home in April, getting a new job, a place to live, and then I'm marrying you" I said, "OK, but I'm not telling anyone until I get a ring!"
So April came along with my ring, I got my dress during Spring Break, he took me to my Prom in May, then we were married August 1st, 1998.

During our 10 years we have lived in 4 different states (not counting when I was in Alaska while he was in Michigan during boot camp) lived in 10 different houses, and have been to 31 U.S. states together. He's had 3 different jobs, I've had 2. Together we've experienced major depression and major joys, weight gain and weight loss, speeding tickets and fender benders, renting and home ownership, 3 pregnancies and 2 healthy awesome boys, crushing debt and as the years continue more financial freedoms, He's earned his Bachelors in Human Resource Management and I'm still plugging away in college, we've experienced opposition and wonderful support, many many learning opportunities, fights and forgiveness, church callings and a temple sealing, laughter and tears, and we are each others best friends.

I sure love that J, and being his wife is one great blessing! So here's to 10 Great years, and looking forward to Forever with my J!


Thomas Family said...

I loved hearing that story, and how you met. (I also want to see more wedding pics! :) Congrats on 10 years; that's awesome!!

zippy said...

I don't think I've ever heard your full story--very sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Lallie said...

What a great love story... Happy Anniversary you two!

zeeny said...

How sweet~ Congrats on ten years!

The Peine Family said...

That's so wonderful! Sean never told me your whole love story. Sigh...Isn't love wonderful. You are such a cute couple, I wish we lived closer to you!