Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Grandma M

My Grandma M passed away recently. She was a wonderful person who I admire and miss very much. I had the blessing of being able to fly to Alaska and be with her until she passed.

My Grandma M was a very talented and hardworking woman. This is a copy of some of what my Uncle wrote in her obituary:

...She was well known as a sweet lady who loved a good story and had a wonderful sense of humor.
M responded to the vagaries of life with a richness of love and generosity. M was talented with her hands and loved all forms of needlework and crafts. She was active when healthy, taking flying lessons, fishing with her son and in younger years had a passion for dancing. She also had a love for photography and for many years enjoyed traveling and taking pictures of flowers, landscapes, and, of course, family.

Family, friends and children of all ages were M’s greatest love. She always had time to read a story, tell a tale, and share a laugh or a hug. M was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and remained active and devoted to the LDS Church for nearly 50 years, finding much joy and comfort in her church family throughout these years.

She willed to me her genealogy work. Until I packed it up I had No Idea how much she had! Countless hours and ever since I can remember she has worked on genealogy. To me this shows that she has so much love for others. The records are being shipped to me and I am almost overwhelmed with the prospect of putting together and organizing her work. There were documents, letters, cards, pedigree charts located everywhere in her house. I am looking forward to learning about all these people she has gathered, and pouring over all the letters and cards she kept from our family.

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