Monday, November 17, 2008

Wow, been a while!

So...I'm a slacker lately with this blog! But I have been loving my college vacation!!!

So here's the quick update:

-J is deployed

-Our best friends from NY just transferred here and are staying w/us

-I ordered myself a Dell laptop which should get here in a few days

-R, L, and I leave for AK this weekend for Thanksgiving

-I signed up with Kaplan University for a bachelors in Psychology with an emphasis on child development and I start in January (Not quite the 4 month break I planned, but I'm excited to go back!)

-Both boys are signed up for basketball and practice starts next month with games in Jan

Life is rockin' and busy and we are loving every minute!


Proud Mommy said...

I'm so excited for you to be here, and that you joined Kaplan! I really think you'll be much happier with this school! I love you Sis! TTYL!

Holbrook's said...

I've been wondering where you were!! I always can count on new stuff on your blog almost everytime I get on...I was getting nervous! Sorry J is gone, good to have friends close again!

Misty said...

we miss you!

Thomas Family said...

Oh, I love kids b-ball! I used to be a referee, and I loved reffing those kids! So fun :)

Danae said...

Gosh girlie, you are BUSY!!! Have a wonderful trip visiting your family!!!

The Peine Family said...

Yay for Psychology!!!

The Peine Family said...

You've been tagged! See our blog for details!

guinevere said...

Things look really great to me. Your new blog look is great!! You have the most creative post I must admit!! Cheerio!!