Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What a Gourd Day!

We had a PUMPKIN DAY!!! I love PUMPKIN DAY!!! I love fall, the smells, the colors, the upcoming holidays, the everything!

Saturday we went to Hunter Farm with my bro S, his wife M, their kids D, B, and A. It has been raining a lot, and when we got there it was a mud bog! It was dirty and smelly, and turned out to be the best ever! The kids got to run around in a hay bale maze, then we got a ride out to the patch, it was a giant patch. There was every size and shape and color of pumpkin imaginable, even mini's, gourds, and squashes. S picked out a 67lb pumpkin out, J's was just a bit smaller, then the kids all picked ones they could carry, it was all so exciting! Us two moms picked out some cute gourds and minis with our white pumpkins.

It was a dirty ride home (even I was wet up past my knees!) The kids had a scrub down, we had lunch, watched Halloween kid movies, decorated sugar cookies, a bit of dinner, and the day ended at about midnight. It was a Gourd day!


zeeny said...

How fun! I would have seen the mud and been out of there! You're a great mom!

Lallie said...

Our rule for picking pumpkins is - If you can carry it, you can have it! That might need to change as the kids get bigger... What fun pictures!

zippy said...

Sounds like so-o much fun!!

EstesSBTAK said...

Makes me think of Veggie Tales! Which, by the way, Treston and Aiden love LarryBoy! :-) I am glad you had so much fun! And being messy is sometimes THE FUN! ;-)