Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rain on Me

I actually Love the rain! Not a lot of people do, sure I get annoyed with it some days, but mostly I have a secret admiration of rain. It rained on my wedding day, and I got married outside, even danced my wedding dance in the rain! (I didn't plan the rain, it just happened, my wedding was on Aug. 1st!)

Anyway, I know this sounds a little weird, but I LOVE to do yard work in the rain. Not a little drizzle, but pouring down rain. And I like to do it on my own. So today is a very rainy day, and J is out of town. I put on J's cowboy boots and a hoodie and did some cleaning up outside. I came in soaked to the bone and feeling very refreshed! All the grumpies and stresses are momentarily washed away in one of the puddles outside. Now I am all renewed and ready to do the inside chores along with my schoolwork.


zeeny said...

Fun. I sometimes love the rain, sometimes not. Last June I planted flowers in the rain and it was actually kind of fun!

zippy said...

Hmm, one of my favorite scents is the smell of rain! I have always loved the rain--very clean and refreshing. Unfortunately, we don't see much of it 'round these parts. : (

EstesSBTAK said...

I also love to go out and work in my garden while its raining... we don't get very much - but if it decides to shower for us... we are sure to be outside playing. Thanks for sharing! :-) Hope all is well!