Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Spring Babies!

We have spring babies!We have 5 Ameraucana chicks and 4 turkey chicks. Only 1 turkey is named-Speedy, boys named the Ameraucana's Grey Wing, Eddie-The-Rac, Race Car, Captain, & Spot. They are supposed to be hens but I think these names sound like rooster ones to me!
The piggies: Noisy Boy, Vivi, Lil Pinkie, & Sally!

They are all so cute!

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Holbrook's said...

So fun to see your updates! I am so sorry about your grandma, we too lost a wonderful lady this year. It seems that we are reaching that age where we start to lose people that have been in our lives from the beginning and have left such lasting impacts. Your boys look so much like I remember Jared as a kid! You have such a fantastic family! I am so happy for you guys!!