Monday, June 27, 2011


This year I have been able to devote more time to gardening and the animals.
Right before J came home from deployment I bought him some piglets! He has wanted to raise some pigs for quite sometime. Our good friends and my sis-in-law came over and helped me build a pen for them.
The boys named the piggies Special Edwina & Wendy. They are funny pigs and we have fun raising them. They grow so fast and will be ready for butchering by the end of summer.
We have 9 hens and have 10 chicks, we call The Babies. J made the hen house roof extend over into the pigpen so the pigs have some cover. The chicken pen and the pigpen are both connected to the hen house but the animals are separated.

We have transplanted the raspberries and strawberries, they have really taken off this past year. I have also planted:
Tomato (from starters)
Snap Pea
Green Bean
Black Bean
Peppers (from starters)

We planted a lot of the beans, tomatoes, and peppers for canning. L loves home canned Green beans and J loves salsa. I just got excited about growing potatoes and it looks like we'll have a lot of those too!
L & I were looking at the pics of the gardens today and it was cool seeing how everything has changed so much!

Here was my Box Garden:

Which has grown to this:
Here is my Backyard Garden: Growing to this:

Here is my Woods Garden: Which has grown:

It will be fun to see how different each garden is from tilling to harvest!

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The Peine Family said...

How exciting! You really are living the dream. Someday I hope we're out of the city so we can have our own little hobby farm. You guys have worked hard.